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Video: HPD ARX-01C and Ford GT @ Suzuka

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Joe Hubbard, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. From Steve at iRacing...

    "I updated you guys last Wednesday about the cars we are targeting for release this week and I wanted to give you more current information.

    I said that we had the Vette on our target list but we have decided to focus on the Skip Barber car instead of the Vette as it is looking to be further along in development. Don't worry about the Prototype and GT series having a car with the old tire model in it, there will be no issues with that.

    So as of right now we are looking to release:

    Impala A
    Impala B
    Ford GT
    HPD ARX-01C
    Skip Barber Formula 2000

    We have an awesome teaser video for the LMP2, Ford GT and Suzuka going up this afternoon so stay tuned to our iRacing youtube channel. Terrific work by Christian Braun! And yes, we do realize that the opening frame says the content is available now but we did this because it will be in a few days making it more relevant instead of "soon"....


  2. .............................................. :D
  3. Another quote from Steve:

    "We have the new tire model on all of the cars at this point and some are already very good but some need more tuning. We expected that the Vette was going to be good to go but we are not happy with the balance and suspect that their is something deeper that is off in the aero or chassis and don't have time to find it for a release this week.

    Honestly, release notes have not even been worked on yet and will come out probably the evening before or day of the build. Everyone is flat out right now and many worked through the weekend to get this build done this week. We are probably looking at Wednesday or Thursday for the build at this point.

  4. i'm very disappointed about Vette :( now wont be able to test NTM :/