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very low FPS

Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by Christopher Junkins, May 19, 2011.

  1. I'm getting 2-15 fps (usually towards 2) with carlswood and default lambo (and any other car). It's like this even with everything off or on lowest setting, except for my resolution which is 1920x1080... but I can run games like NFS: shift 1, with full settings and 1080p resolution, and get decent if not downright great fps.

    What's up here? Something sounds off.

    I'm running a Pentium duel core 2.50Ghz proc., ATI RADEON HD 3xxx, max ram that win xp 32 allows...
  2. Racer has some problems with ATI , and your GPU looks old . :s
    What beta are you using ?
  3. The cpu isn't THAT old...

    Latest beta. 0.8.32
  4. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    What I do for more FPS:

    Shift + ' then type "motionblur method 0" - press enter

    Then do it again and type "time 2000" or another time value so you can see properly. It won't look as nice as before but it bumps your FPS up if you need it :)
  5. The GPU not CPU lol
  6. Oh, well, even then the gpu isn't THAT old either. It's good enough to run shift, why can't it run this? lol. Hell, I'm running Modern Warfare 1 and 2 with around 60 fps with the graphics maxed out! (minus AA... this card just can't do AA on anything modern lol). Is there a way to turn off AA in game?
  7. Try the settings from the other fps issue thread I've posted.

    The FPS is also related to how your objects (cars / maps) are optimized & textured. It turns out DDS files are good for that reason & should be used massively.
  8. I have no clue what you're on about as far as dds n all that... newb here. And I don't plan on reading any of the documentation outside of controls... as I'm not the type to make cars or tracks... I just wana race lol. But I'm tired of arcade racing where every car hit's it's upper rev limit of the top gear witin a quarter of a lap of a VERY short 1/2 mile track or smaller... I mean it's just bs. Plus the cars in those games handel like bull****.

    that shift + ' doesn't do crap... doesn't bring up a console, or anything?
  9. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Try shift and `, shift and #. If that doesn't work, keep pressing shift and something else until the console shows up. I know a few people have to press different things.. hopefully they can join in here lol!
  10. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    he he he...be sure in a half year you start your first car or track because Racer is GREAT!
  11. I'm not a modeler ;), nor am I a coder ;). I don't know, nor do any of that sort of stuff. (though I did learn QBasic a while back, sorta).
  12. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Neither was I and I've had a go at both.. :)
  13. trust me, I've had a go at modeling in the past... not my forte.
  14. Ok, I've found the issue.

    It seems that racer over-rides any AA settings, and forces it's own.

    So, after some research, I found that I can go to render.motion_blur.samples and turn it to 0 and get nice frame rates...

    However, upon doing so some parts of the track disappear and it goes un-textured grey with a black shadow or something similar on it... but other parts of the track are rendering fine.

    If I set it back to say 1 or more, it renders like it was at the default of 4...
    Sounds like a glitch.

    Though on Swiss Stroll, I don't get that glitch... hmmm.
  15. @Inmate 001

    As it appears that newer cg versions of Racer are not working well on your current hardware, have you considered using the last full non-cg version, Racer v065.5


    Most cars and tracks downloaded from the same web-site should work for you, as they are mostly non-cg


    Also, I hope you understand that Racer project is still in beta, so it's work in progress..
  16. Yea, I know and have known it's in beta... but I mean a core game having these issues after this much time out in public beta? But oh well, beta's are betas. Been part of 2 "closed public betas" before, so I know all about em. While they had their issues, I've never seen these kinds of issues. But then, meh... I need to stop being such an ass.

    I've finished off all but 2 glitches, parts of the tracks disappearing and the trees going transparent and weird after a few feet.
  17. Racer has been out ages, but it has migrated through two big graphics systems in the time I have been around (10yrs now maybe, hmmm)

    You have just picked up Racer transitioning into the 3rd gfx system, so it's a mess right now. Hopefully by year end we'll have v0.9 final (for gfx at least), and can start working forward with hopefully four or so years of solid graphics that allow artists to spend the time making some nice content that does work without issues :D

    Good luck getting it all working better :)

  18. lol. Yea. I would come in at a time like this... that's me, WAY past fashionably late :turtle:.

    On a secondary note, I'll get payed soon enough with my first paycheck, part of that might just be able to go towards 1-3 months of iRacer... I'll probably go for 3 if I can. Anyone here use that? Would be fun I bet to get together over that if it's possible. Cya round.
  19. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    I don't do subscription games (although I do buy 3 months XBL every now and then..) so not me!
  20. My problem with iRacing is the costs, everything costs money. Also, because it's not as open as Racer or rFactor, or even NFS Shift (you can't look inside at how it ticks), I do question how accurate it is.
    Then you have to consider it's all racing cars, so you have no idea how accurate they are either. Further, it's all racing cars on racing tracks, which is a bit limited.

    For me, racing on race tracks is a bit boring. You can do it in real life and have much more fun.

    Give me NFS style gameplay with hazards, traffic, bumps, pot holes etc, in real-life supercars and sports cars, something you can't do in real life without risking death of yourself or others fairly readily!