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WIP VERSME rally cross track

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Barbje_Keller, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. My secon project...
  2. Looks great
  3. Look promising ! One question remains: Where did you get this nice Telemetry mod?

  4. Add some models and sky box test, especial thanks eno72 for good idea ;)
  5. Some screen from my stage, thanks Kytt, Brendon and others guys, who help me with my projeckt problems ;)


  6. It looks very nice! Very nice backgroung. Is it a picture, 3D objects, a wall that you use for that?
  7. it looks really good overall, so far.

    Just a comment to make it look better: the houses, poles, etc. in the background picture are too big with respect to the rest (look the last picture for instance, where poles on the horizon seem much bigger than those on the track). However I don't know if this is just an impression from the screenshot.
  8. Yes, you a right, I fix it late. Now I work with bush model and road textures...
    When do it long time, you dont see more incorrect details...

    it's 3D model - closed cilinder with panoram pictures projection
  9. After some pause, I return to this work. And can show some progress:
    Now working with road textures... But still have low FPS problem, maybe some can help me with this troubles...
  10. Nice work!
    Maybe you can check LOD values for objects - probaly you don't need to have LOD 2000 for all of them.
    Also - looks like there is 2% of terrain that you can drive on. Set the rest (98%) as non-driveable and non-collide (Split terrain for parts). Looking forward to drive on your track :)
  11. I try change LOD, for some objeckts, but was at strange, FPS is down critically :mad:. And must return up to 2000...
    After finish work with road textures, I try it again :rolleyes:
  12. I've just made an experiment. Before I explain - here's what I have:
    - terrain almost 10 x 3 km = 26 760 polygons (21 500 are driveable) - split for parts with indyvidual LOD settings. "Normal" textures (from default XPack and from Haywood Club, mixed together, but no background image (I thought that might been a problem). I don't really need any image with this track.
    - 82 400 objects including 76 400 of grass. About 650 objects are collidable.
    - 10,5 km roads
    My machine is similar to yours (XP SP3, 2Ghz Dual Core, NVidia 8600M GT, 4 Gigs of RAM 677 Mhz - it's a laptop)

    Everything was going smoothly till (I guess) the moment I started to put into my project long distance background trees (with LOD at list 2000 and below).
    Before that I had FPS like 60/59, in one very crowded place falling to at least 56-57...

    Now I have eventually 57 in the whole track, at the place 40-42...
    I thought the problem was with that big amount of grass (max LOD 200, mostly 125, in many cases even 65...), so I deleted all of the grass - And had maybe 58 FPS sometime :(
    I was paying a big attention to set low LOD to all objects (and aferwards got sick with looking for single tress with too low LOD...)
    I also thought for a while there's some limit that RBR/BTB/or RX Plugin can stand, but after deleting over 76 000 small objects it was just a little better.
    The strangest thing is that I see that lower FPS rate from the beginning of the stage, while those high-LOD trees are 5 km or more beyond.
    Well, after deleting ALL objects from the track, the stage runs beatifully smooth ;)
    I have no idea how it goes then...
    I checked original RBR track and other made for RX - great FPS :) (Thinking that my computer was broken ;)
    I will delete those high-LOD trees and see what happens - later :)

    Your track is very nice, I hope you will find a solution in your case. :)
    I hope you got through my essay, aslo sorry for my bad English ;)
  13. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    What i`ve found is, there are some trees in BTB xpaxks that use textures around 6mb. i imagine its the game loading these textures and trying to render them into tiny objects set far away that will be zapping the FPS.

    Try making your own trees with small textures? Maybe that will help?
  14. This is very possible - problems start when I put trees from "forests" included in GB XPack. I also scaled them to every directions (that for sure was another thing for my computer to count). They are beatiful, but also look heavy ;) Probably I had got crazy and used to many of them. Still have no idea how to make objects, need to find how, thanks :) I will for now switch those big forests to some distant walls with pictures.
    I have that nice Sketchup tutorial from Biggles1212, but still don't know how textures work there, how to attach them to objects. I know that's silly and infant question, but maybe somebody will have some mercy for me :) Thanks!
  15. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    There are many tutorial videos on the BTB main site, as long as you are signed up.
  16. Yes Sir! :) I will study them especially now, when my license is over and I need to wait a little time (luckily exported some version of my first track for RBR). Thanks for remembering me, it's sometime hard to find a proper tread fast.
  17. I make vegetation in skechup, and used only one textures for it all. Like in orginal rbr textures and it size 2048/2048 px. and about 5.462 KB
    By antanas_j at 2010-04-21

    Trees on horizont is only skybox wall, in one, not big, textes 2048/512px, 1.366 KB...
    In my project, view range is about 2-3 km
  18. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    Barbje - Really appreciate your work with the x-packs, they`re very useful.

    The only problem with having a texture that can be used to make so many different trees, is that its only really benefitial if your using all vegetation in the one texture. Most of the time however, maybe only a few are being used, so the texture size is kind of overkill if you know what i mean.

    But i guess if thats the case, use a different x-pack or texture? lol
  19. Yes it all in my projeckt, but I have a lot of more another 3D objekts... Maybe it is FPS problem, or search it in others places.
    One question, what format you use when saving as DDS - DXT1 or DXT3, DXT5 ?
    I work with hope to convert my track in original RBR format...