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Venom's Ferrari F2012 HD Steering Wheel

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by venom16000, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. Hi Everybody!

    I finally bring you my version of the Ferrari F2012's HD Steering wheel for F1 2012! :thumbsup:

    Codies was a bit lazy with the Ferrari's steering wheel this year in F1 2012... they actually used F1 2011's EXACT steering wheel(copy paste etc. lol) I hope this version lives up to your guys' expectations ;)


    >>> DOWNLOAD HERE <<<
    • Every detail of the steering wheel has been "100% accurately" replicated in High Definition
    • Even replicated the Carbon Fiber and the "lighting effect" of carbon fiber (at least I tried to)
    • Everything done in high quality vector graphics
    • Also matching specular, occlusion and normal maps in HD
    UnRAR files into F1 2012's installation folder:
    (Usually C:\Program files\Steam\Steamapps\common\F1 2012\)

    I hope you guys enjoy it! :D
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  2. Thanks. Your mods really enhance the experience. :)
  3. Goood!! I just sign one season with Ferrari it's my lucky day!
  4. nice work, thank you venom16000 :thumbsup:
  5. Thanks babes!
  6. Great, thanks!
  7. thanks :thumbsup:
  8. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Amazing job! Ferrari is now enjoyable to drive! ahah
  9. Thanks , Venom!! Nice one )
  10. Hi Venom, this is great! Again, you beat codies.
  11. Looks great, thanks mate!
  12. nice nice nice! thanx!
  13. As a ferrari fan , i cannot wish more.Thank you so much , nice work!!!
  14. Thanks mate
  15. Very nice work , thanks very much.

  16. Gopher04

    Old But Not Obsolete Premium

    Thx's Venom...;)
  17. kdv


    Need Mercedes :)
  18. thx
  19. Great ! Thank you ! :thumbsup:
  20. Venom nice work :) ... will you make the other Wheels too ? :sneaky:
    I really like your work :sneaky:
    Can't wait for more :thumbsup: