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vector graphix signs : would you need them

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by banger, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. just testing the water here for a large xpack, would anyone like to see some vector graffix roadsigns. like the example below, i started working on one for me own projected.

    would you lot be interested? (also i only justed started so don't expected it tomorow).:)

    two reasons i started this projected.
    1. the grapphix can be stretched
    2. the grappixs are a lot clearer than bitmaps images.and don't blur out when you get close

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  2. No game that I know of uses vector art for textures, as such your second point is not valid. At some point and time they will need to be converted to raster. I think you are better off keeping the vectors to yourself, and simply rasterizing the signs into a downloadable pack. For one it would create uniformity in texture size. There is no need for 2048x2048 sign textures, although I'm sure someone will do that given the chance converting from vector.
  3. Really, it ashame really they look great has vector images,but in the png.format they look blurry. again, the two above do look sharpe has png files.vector edit from the orignal small signs

    the image below is in simed.and is scaled down to x,y,z = 0.100 doesn't seem to cause any problem

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  4. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    This seems like an excellent idea.

    I dont know anything about vector art, so i looked it up, and reckon it could be used well by the right person for BTB.

    What are the file size (eg.1024x1024) comparisons of vector art to say, a DDS?

    One use i can think of for me, would be my background image for croft. Anything to sharpen that up would be fantastic, specially looking at it super close-up.
  5. I prefer graphics from photos. they look much more real with all the scratches
    and dirt, vector art is way to clean to look real, you have to add dirt & scratches manualy. IMHO

  6. that roadworks image is 625x512 atmand taken from a website real picture, not resized them.but they variey in sizes,no pedstredians is a small transport website picture @ 48x50 but can be scaled reasonably quickly without losing the images quality

    scratches,can be put in manually.in photoshop.although i not try that myself.:)

    look up inkscape, it an open source free vector graphixs program, and quite simply to use,i'm not an expert at it.but there are enought youtube videos/tutorials


    files sizes : png = 2 to 17 kb
    dds : unknown at monent, but i will suggest it will be alot smaller