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VDSL Connection better for Online gameplay??

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Joel Vischer, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Hi there,
    Im getting a new internet connection type this week which is VDSL, Some people say this is extremely fast internet and very good for online gameplay! So will i have a good internet while playing F1 2010 online? And will i have better downloads?
  2. I've never heard of VDSL, but if it is faster then downloads will also be faster.

    As for online racing, I have 8Mb down & 800Kb up, & I was able to host an online race no problems
  3. Nice one. Only downside with VDSL is the price and massive drop in speed you get the further from the exchange you are.
    Say you pay for a 250mbps connection, but are 0.5km away from the exchange, it drops to 100mbps.
    If you are 1km away it drops to 50mbps, which is the same as you can get from DSL at a much lower price and be miles away from the exchange. So I hope you did your homework on your proximity to the exchange!

    Dont forget downloads will take as much bandwidth as they can, so you will still be better off pausing all downloads when gaming.
  4. I've had much problems with my internet since my provider have put a DNL Program on the line we use since they did this they VDSL doesn't brings anything in charge for us. They said we pay the normal price as ADSL which is 30-40 Euro.. and like 100mbps VDSL connection but yeah we'll see what we get !
  5. If anyone is on Virgin then i sugest you do a search for problems in your area, because i phoned Virgin due to such a high packet lose and they said there was no problems. I did a search on google and found a problem so i called them back and they said oh yes we can't say when that will be fixed, so just because they say there is no problems in your area it doesn't actually mean its true.

    People using SKY, good luck is all i will say, its a crappy download speed and they cut the speed if you download to much and playing online is seen as downloading so Sky could cut you even though you are not downloading. I've never had this problem with Virgin and i do my own fare share of downloading because of modding games and the mod size for one game is over 6GB's. I don't do torrents though, running any torrent cliant will effect your online connection or even if it seems fine it will efect your FPS.

    The ideal thing to do when going online is to have as little running as possible, stop or pause all downloads, turn off any anti virus programs, stop any programs that are not needed etc etc. Basically give as much resources to the game as you can, if using fraps or any other recording program then it will help reduce lag while recording.

    As Paul said you should do your homework into distance from exchange because the suppliers will not give a damn about it at all and will not tell you if its better or worse. Actually i lie, they will say its a better deal even if its not just to get you to sign up for it. Sad really because if they say its better then they should make sure its better, but how do you prove its worse to them, they will simply send you to a site to download something where no one is downloading from so the speed will alway's be good and then say your speed is as it should be.
  6. Im not playing on the pc so i dont have probs with downloads cuz i always have my pc off when going to play on the PS3
  7. VDSL is the standard that BT use in their Infinity product. (I'm a telecoms engineer :))
  8. I just got my New router for VDSL Now i only have to wait till they transfer my signal