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Cars Vauxhall Cavalier BTCC 1993 0.9.3

Its about time we give this car the respect it truly deserves.

  1. Brownninja97 submitted a new resource:

    Vauxhall Cavalier BTCC 1993 - Its about time we give this car the respect it truly deserves.

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  2. Been waiting, many Thanx !!!

    Drives and Handles well !!
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  3. Hello

    Good job, man...
    I like it !

    A thousand thanks
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  4. game is crashing on loading screen and no preview picture
  5. did you not delete the old version(assuming you had that). Im also assuming you put the contents of the rar file in the cars folder. If the preview is not showing then thats due to something you have done wrong.
  6. my path: content\cars\Vauxhall Cavalier BTCC 1993/..
  7. ok i fixed it - it was my fault sry
  8. no problem, we all start somewhere, hope you enjoy the mod.
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  9. Brownninja97 updated Vauxhall Cavalier BTCC 1993 with a new update entry:

    cavalier update

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  10. Bonjour.

    Très bon mod. Je l'ai testé sur le circuit de LuccasRing.
    Très bonne impression de conduite.
    Assez facile à piloter. A la portée du maximum de gens.

    Par contre j'ai un bug. Je ne sais pas s'il vient de la voiture ou du circuit.
    Quand je passe sur le vibeur qui sépare la piste de l'entrée aux stands, la voiture s'arrète freins arrières bloqués!!!
    Si quelqu'un peut vérifier ce problème, merci.


    Very good mod. I tested it on LuccasRing circuit.
    Very good impression of conduct.
    Pretty easy to drive. To reach the maximum of people.

    By cons I have a bug. I do not know if it comes from the car or the circuit.
    When I pass on vibeur that separates the track from the entrance to the pits, the car stops blocked rear brakes !!!
    If anyone can verify this problem, thank you.

    Translated by Google!
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  11. Brownninja97 updated Vauxhall Cavalier BTCC 1993 with a new update entry:

    vauxhalls and cheese

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  12. Shaun Clarke

    Shaun Clarke

    Please make sure you do a clean install, don't just overwrite the files.
  13. Shaun Clarke

    Shaun Clarke

    Sorry can not reply to posts, but somebody said " cannot see rear brake lights" You need to enable PPFilter in game, and you will see them.

    I apologise for the next quick update, as I made a mistake trying to make the AI faster, but I disabled them, but there is a couple of nice fixes that I had to read up on...Beginner here :)

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  14. Seems nice, although the tyre sound is so much louder than the engine that it makes me stop driving it, any chance of tweaking the levels @Fordman ?
    (yes i know there is a slider but shouldnt have to adjust audio levels for one mod car and then back again for kunos cars)