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Valentino Rossi The Game General Discussion

Discussion in 'MotoGP 16' started by Jonix, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. 2016 MotoGP Game will contain many elements of VR's career (ranch, bikes, rally).

    I talked to a Milestone guy on Twitter, who posted this pic (3d model in 3ds of Yamaha M1 2010)
    asking him if we would get updated tracks in the new game, because it really needs them.

    He answered "For sure!". I really hope so...

    Game will be out on June 2016
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  2. My main quetion is if this Valentino will have 2016 season and carrer mode like 2015,
    But Updated tracks sound really great , thanks for the info ;)
    We see what happen in future...
  3. Much more advanced career mode and much better AI - two only things which I would like to have and probably we won't get :/ but this M1 2010 looks interesting (but they should 'repair' Yamaha's sound, which is pointless...) :) do you think it will be only Rossi bikes (beyond 2016 & 2015 seasons) in the game or we will have more seasons in the game (than 2016 and 2015)?
  4. The most important question is if he mean with updates only lightning like last games or a new 3D model with better geometry.
    And the next problem is if this will contain only "some" tracks or ALL. All are more than necessary.

    We should imagine, Milestone don't really modify any track model since early 2013 instead of some new ones.
    These guys can do a good job if they want how the Argentina track or the MGP Aprilia proved.

    Now it's their business to do it. :)
  5. I'll try to answer to all of you.
    Yes, track models were made back in 2013, and to be honest, they are low quality even for that time. Argentina was made in 2014, and it looks a bit better (I mean the pure track model). But it's nothing special. Kerbs, are the big problem.
    I am afraid it will be ONLY an actual update, hopefully they will edit kerbs of:

    But hey, I would love laser-scan quality as AssettoCorsa or other racing sims. But being realistic, I don't see that coming. We HAVE to stop dreaming, it's Milestone.

    AI is just a letdown. I can't stand it. It's fake and retarded, just look at the last Sector of Assen or the snake section of Austin (sector 1).

    The problem with AI, is that Milestone defines a curve that MUST be followed by AI. that's why you see AI one behind the other.
    Also, they don't have braking points for each track.
    Milestone's AI works this way: it tells AI how early you open throttle, how much you can lean at that speed, how much before a corner you have to brake. BUT, it's not track-specific.
    That is absolutely CRAP. You should refine AI on each track, not just create a general file that "work" (work bad) for all the tracks.
    Milestone maybe, is doing something futuristic, but it's not the moment to do that!!


    Yes, it seems like it's called VR The Game, but it's MotoGP 16 + valentino rossi content.
    I think it will be less or more like MotoGP 15, but you will be able to race with Rossi's old bikes and to race Rally, etc.

    My own comment/opinion/thoughts/hopes:

    I have a great MotoGP game in my mind. I have a vision, but don't have the skills and the money to make it happen. I talk about TV-like riders' movements, 1:1 Bike Models received from the various teams (Yamaha, Honda, could give Milestone a CAD model, without giving away their secrets) and laser-scanned tracks (like codemasters F1, which has crappy physics, but the 3d models and textures are stunning.)

    Milestone physics isn't bad for a motorcycle game, it's just that rest that is pure **** and ruin the experience.
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  6. Lots of new screens!! From the presentation at Qatar
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  7. Looks interesting enough. I really wonder what the career mode will be like though, but "be part of the Academy" sounds good - I was worried that this mode would be limited due to the Valentino Rossi focus.
  8. rkh


    Supposedly this is 100% MotoGP 2016, Rossi content is added bonus and he "helped" with physics for the bikes. Nothing is supposed to be taken away from the regular career mode and PART OF THE ACADEMY is you can rise up through his VR46 team.
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  9. @rkh hopefully it'll turn out that way - and hopefully the physics and track models are better now :) And hopefully (again) it'll still be as easily moddable as it was :)
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  10. Look, the screenshot is Valencia, it looks the same as 2015 (track model) but a lot of textures are difference and ligthing looks different too
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  11. Will be interesting to see more gameplay footage from other tracks, but if they really use again the old track models that would be the biggest shame ever. We'll see.
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  12. Look at game's official site. 291 riders and 47 tracks - I am wondering: what? how?
    The only shame is that probably we can not use this content for career mode, as it is with 2-strokes champions or 990cc :/
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  13. Still almost 300 riders and a total of 47 tracks sounds amazing. I really hope we'll get to ride all vehicles on all tracks though - would be fun to take the MotoGP bikes around the VR46 ranch :p (Probably won't happen though).
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  14. Think that I will probably give it up for this year ... could you believe this ...

  15. jays you don't believes in milestone?:roflmao: it's exactly what i wold thinked it would be, the same game minor changes som ridicoulus new sound of the tyre stretch on the aphalt , there will be surely some new textures on tracks and on the pilot and bikes, and for finishing the rossi accomplished name so all the fans are satisfacted. i'm agree with you not enough money to benefit the poors this year
  16. This hopeless Yamaha's sound from MotoGP 13... and it looks still really easy to brake, like not with the new front Michelin tyres :/ braking style (in my opinion) should be more similar to SBK 2011
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  17. rkh


    this can't be right. looks like a step back in every department. physics look atrocious, too. my gosh, if this is actually it, i am also done and not just for this year...and of course, putting a complete tard behind the controller makes it look even worse...
  18. I think this is an early version. The textures has been modified, the rest is the same. I believe there will be manor changes. If you emember, first video gameplay of MotoGP15 was exactly like MotoGP 14 (big heads, stupid physics, weird lighting...)I hope, and think, there is much to come
  19. The confidence for the game is getting less ...

  20. An early built for sure but we have now end of march and I can never imagine that there will be modified track models and further things until summer. Best example for the lack of progress is shown in the video - same Qatar and Valencia tracks, same sounds, same rider movement and nearly same lighting. Okay, there's a new HUD and the actually season will be included with a new RedBull Ring track model but again there are not many hopes. Surely Qatar and Valencia layouts are pretty nice but do you really believe that for example Catalunya, Silverstone, Sachsenring or Indy will feature new track models? I don't think so ... really disappointed so far about it.