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Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Deane Cockerill, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. lol, just did an off the cuff race at Valencia with some peeps from here, I was going to practise Valencia ready for the next league race. Sorry to whoever it was I crashed into. Thanks for the race anyway.

    I wasnt doing too bad, altho still last, but at least it took a while before peeps started lapping me.

    Then I ran out of fuel on lap 26 of 29!!!
  2. Yes was a good race. Wondered what happend to you! Think there was just me and the bortz left at the end.

    Had great battles with Elite CHS and Scott at the start. With Pwndby Webz in the middle section after I had to make a 2nd stop as I smashed my front wing into turn 2 after leaving my planned pit! I think I came out in 3rd behind Webz, then he either had a moment or slowed for me to catch up. Eitherway, We had some great battles when I caught up, up until I think he got a puncture or smashed wing, I could see him going deep on every corner, so waited around and came in for another set of primes when he came in for repairs. After that the battles continued until I realised that he came out on options, and was struggling toward the end, and eventually wrote it off.

    I had bortz closing me down to lap me a few from the end, and my fuel light was flashing with 4 to go! Bortz never caught me despite me driving like a saint to save fuel, I found out afterwards it because he was on 21 lap old options lol.

    Got the action on film, so will sort it out and up it when I get chance.

    Cheers to all involved and especially CHS and Webz for the tight clean fun racing.

    Here was the quali results....


    Although a few seemed to destroy their cars on their last flying lap, so this happened..


    Race result

  3. Haha, the qualy thing, I ran out of fuel, then I tried to destroy my car instead of having to wait for the time, but instead I got a penalty... after bashing the wall I did a big u turn & got done for wrong way even tho that was off track at turn 1 lol

    Edit, I finished my qualy laps & time was counting down & I was out of fuel so I parked. when itime reached zero it said finish ur lap & gave me more time, thats when I tried & failed to destroy my car...
  4. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    108.9 seconds in penalties?? What did you do? Drive-by massacre in the pitlane??
  5. Haha no man, look again. Thats the race result of how far behind I was to the winner, just under 1 lap.
    I wasted a good laps worth of time waiting for Webz to limp round to the pits when he damaged his car. There was only us 2 left to have battles, so it would have been boring for us both if I had just kept on going.

    Was good practice for the League. I can drive lonely fast laps in singleplayer mode, no point doing it in a 'non-title' practice race. Good to have another car to practice overtaking moves etc.
  6. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    Oh I see. My bad lol
  7. :D With this game you never know, I sure have had my share of strange penaltys....so I wouldn't rule it out :wink:

    Just last night someone drove into me from the side/rear and I got a penalty....for illegal overtake.... :rolleyes:
  8. I agree that was ridiculous, penalty should have been for illegal blocking! :D

    No point curb crawling at Valencia Jan, the ho's are all located in the McLaren hospitality lounge :p
  9. What tyres were you guys using? I was just practicing and got a 1:40.013 best with a 10-lap fuel load on primes.
  10. lol, 1.52 on options haha... I've improved a bit since then
  11. Full wets. :)
  12. Well after my abysmal performance at Canada, I've been practising Valencia, & I set the AI to legend because that seems to be the times the rest of you are getting in online races, & today I was very happy to get my best time so far for Valencia in qualy...
    & it still had me in last place! :damnit:

    BTW this new insert image thing doesnt work, all I ever get now is "invalid url" & instead I have to code it manualy "[​IMG]"

    Edit. Well I got a 144.xxx in the race, but I ran out of fuel again on lap 26 (of 29), thats despite doing 10 laps on cruise.

    Edit. Well thats another 1 done, & yet again I ran out of fuel... lasted til lap 27 this time [​IMG]