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V8 Worth getting?

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Daniel Higgins, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, as title says.....im about SR 3.6 at time of writing this so close to getting to officialy race the Vette (which I quite like). Do you think its worth getting or too much hassle getting to grips with the beast? :S hmmm....
  2. I found the v8 hard to drive, you will find that people either love it or hate it. It drives nothing like the vette and usually races are on the smaller config of some tracks.
  3. Thanks William, anyone else got this car?
  4. I have it, not driven it a lot though but hey I think any car in iRacing is worth having :)
  5. really hard to drive imo, hoping NTM will help this car alot

    edit: not bad by all means, just hard to drive, great FFB...sound...
  6. Thanks guys,

    I took the plunge and bought it and I must say on the few laps that ive driven I really quite like it. Im just using the default setup ATM until I have time to tinker with it but the car actually feels quite good to drive (not wild and spinning like most people say). About 1.5 secs off front/mid pack though so maybe im driving it a little to slow ATM :p We'll see tommorow.
  7. Like I said you will either love it or hate it. With a decent setup I'm able to keep it on track for maybe 4 laps verses the 2 with the default setup. Have fun, next time it races a track that I like I will take it out for a lap or two.
  8. got the car and it fun to drive
    lots of power small tires
    u need to break early real early in this car easy on the throttle
    on a few tracks i can drive it at a decent speed
  9. Worst car in iRacing. I´d advise everyone to steer clear of it.

    The flaws in the tire model are so apparent in this car, it´s not even enjoyable anymore for me. However, if you like some good old sliding at 200 k´s with the slightest touch of throttle, you might like it.
  10. well I have been driving the car for a couple of days now and I love it, I think in about 30 or 40 laps I have only spun twice. Try loosening the suspension or changing the setup a bit.
  11. It's indeed not very hard to drive it on a reasonable pace. Once you really start pushing it gets akward. Especially the fact that you need to throttle quite a bit before the apex to make the car turn.

    To me it feels wrong that you can slide your tires with the slightest power input at higher speeds, like T1 at Philip Island.

    The opinions on the V8 vary a fair bit. A pretty big group dislikes it. Some are really into it. I enjoyed racing it at Philip Island a lot when it came out. But when I tried it at other tracks, It felt wrong. Personally I hope the tire model will fix it quirky behavior.
  12. i thought V8 supercars have a fully locked diff, so it would make sense that it slides everywhere
  13. I like it too. Cool car. Great sound track too.
  14. True true, they have a locked diff. And yes, they should slide when you apply too much power. Now the slightest of gas makes the rear gently come around. The bad thing is that you need to use it to drive it like that. You are basically sliding through all the longer corners.

    My complaint; slides a bit too early, and when it starts sliding it's 'easy' to keep the car in the slide and still be fast. Sliding should be slower, shouldn't it? I don't see them sliding that much on TV.

    Shane van Ginsbergen, who's in the real V8 series also does iRacing. He said the car had too little grip at low speed, and too much at high speed.

    Nevertheless, I can understand some enjoy it. It just doesn't strike me personally as realistic.
  15. Hmm, without knowing anything about this car, are you saying with a bit of practice you can actually drift the V8's around the corner Tokyo Drift-style?
  16. Not quite 'Tokyo Drift-Style' but the car can be made to slide through the corners, but its by no means the fastest way around the track.

    I've had one of my favourite races in the V8's at Road Atlanta, extremely hard fought and very fun. I think once you have the setup the car becomes very drive able and I don't often have problems with low speed grip. I did put a little video together, very rushed so its not great, but hey...I like it :p

  17. That's a known issue with the existing tire model on all cars. Dave K has said the new tire model will address this issue. Guess we'll find out by mid-next week as at least 1 oval and 1 road car will get the new tire model for the season. I imagine it will be refined during the next 3 months and then rolled out on all or most cars in 3 months time.

    Really looking forward to giving the new tire model a go.
  18. Just bought it... I'm 1.1s off the WR after 1 hour of practice on Silverstone National... I dont think the car is very hard to drive... I think the mustang or the skip are harder. Might not be realistic, it's still fun nonetheless :)
    Really enjoying it for now
  19. Flavien


    Go get that record dude.
    You coming to play at Indi FW31?

  20. It's a gr8 car IMHO, but as said it does show up some of the current tire models failings. I'll renew once the update in August comes around and try her again!!