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Skins V8 Supercars Red Bull Racing HD 1.0

Craig Lowndes RBR V8 Livery

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  1. great stuff. nicely done. i like your creative idea :cool:
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  2. Yeah thanks mate, It was a request from an RD member but I chose this out of 5-10 requests. And also thanks for the image dude.
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  3. anytime. keep up the good work :cool:
  4. What about Volvo Polestar and FPR? :D
  5. Yeah I might do Scotty McLaughlin's Volvo, good idea.
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  6. This is incredible!
  7. Hi guys!
    Just letting you know I am working on a tweak for this to actually add Craig Lowndes into the game. I will tell you when it is finished and I may add Jamie Whincup too. Watch this space to find out more
  8. Last edited: Nov 10, 2014
  9. W.I.P but coming along pretty well.

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  10. That is awesome! Who does it replace? I will get working on the file changes now if you tell me.
  11. Mercedes. But I have not finished it yet... still a W.I.P
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  12. I know. But it does take a little while to make the mod. Do you want me to add it to my Red Bull Mod and name it the V8 Supercars mod so you can have Red Bull and Volvo together? Or do you want them separate. People you decide.
  13. Mate, can you do some more of those amazing images for my new update for the Williams Martini Skin that is coming out in the next few days?