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USF1 to fold Altogether?!?

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Matthew Gutteridge, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. According to a report in a Spanish newspaper, Team USF1, one of the four teams joining the grid in 2010, will not make the first three grand prix, or indeed the rest of the season. It is rumoured YouTube founder and the teams main backer Chad Hurley had pulled out his sponsorship.
    Words cannot describe how little I want this too be true. I was so happy and ready to have 13 teams (possibly 14) on the grid next year and suddenly we may be down to 11, 12 if we're lucky. Come on USF1, prove the Spainards wrong!
  2. I will save any comments until anything's official. As much as I want USF1 to succeed, and as much as it looks as if they aren't going to, I am weary of saying things based on rumours.
    I still hope that these stories are bogus, and that we'll see USF1 on the grid at Bahrain.
  3. I heard one of the GP2 Asia commentator muttering something about a visit party going to see how they are progressing.....and a warehouse full of toasters??......
  4. James Johnson

    James Johnson
    The Weatherman

    If Autosport has the news its generally reliable.


    USF1 wont be there. What a load of fail for them and they are looking for 2011 entry lol.
  5. lol if they not suprise me they will fail in 2011 too
  6. I guess it's official then.

    Whether they get into F1 in 2011 or not, their name will forever be tainted by this string of events. :frown:
  7. yea they would need to come up with a different name in 2011 as this actual name is linked to a big joke
  8. If they want to apply again next year then they should be at the back of the queue, right at the back, even behind a guy with a milk crate with pram wheels attached.