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US/Canadians events suggestions

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Eric. K, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    I would like to hear from any US or Canadians members on tracks and cars choices... You can either PM me or post in this tread.

    Thanks :)
  2. One of the GT classes(or maybe F3000) at Brands Hatch or Valencia seems like a fun combo.
  3. Cristian Haba

    Cristian Haba
    #555 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs Premium

    I think an American Le Man series RD ALMS cough would do well as a league here. Half the field GT1 and half GT2, doing the American circuit tour ala Road America, Laguna Seca, Road Atlanta, Sebring (mmmmmm 6hours mmmm). Laguna Seca is a very high quality mod track it would be fun to run a 1:30h - 2:00h even there. Super challenging high tempo track.

    A handicap event with only the American cars, C6R C5R Saleen Viper, each given a certain handicap and the points scored at the end of the event are tabulated accordingly. This would be more of a fun type series event.
  4. South american too???? :D

    I'd love to see a viper production or radical event at a high speed course like le mans, paul ricard or road america kind of track...

    I've never seen the viper production on an event here... :(

    And please, Eric, change the event day from wednesday to thursday if possible, of course. :)
  5. I would love to see monthly F1 events on classic F1 tracks when the MMG mod comes out :)
  6. One problem with that is it would end up on the same day as GTL events. I don't know if any of you drive GTL though.
  7. I don't, Warren, but I always agree with RD policy. :D
    If it's better to mantain the thurdays for the GTL, great too! :D
  8. and most of the US/Cana guys voted not so long ago for Wed.

    Right now the schedule looks something like this:
    Wed: Various cars on short tracks
    Friday: STCC
    Sunday: anything goes (mostly 1 hour enduro on big tracks)

    For the past several weeks we have been running the DTMs on Sunday as there seems to be a lot of excitement around it. I am running out of ideas for Wed:)
  9. Viper production!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
  10. Hey guys,

    Nice thread idea. As you know, lately I have not been able to run because of lack of time, but still I offer the following ideas:

    Stock game tracks/cars for wednesday:
    For me time is an issue, and the problem with that is when there is a mod, I have to figure out how to install it (usually not too time consuming), but the lack of pre-programmed base set-up and complete ignorance of the new track/car behavior makes for a difficult learning curve. For me the fun is in the friendly competition against the other club members, not necessarily running a new track every week. Hey, pros run on the same tracks 2-3 times a year and still enjoy it!

    FBMWs and Radicals:
    To me, those are fun classes that we should try to run more often.

    F1 mod:
    OK, I know I'm contradicting myself here, but I'm a huge F1 fan and I know that many of you are. That said, For sure I will not have the time to commit to the F1 leagues that will certainly happen here. Still, it would be nice to be able to race this mod sometimes with the guys here. I like Mike's idea of a monthly event.

    Now, I told you before that I have little time lately, so don't run my ideas and then accuse me of not showing up!:laugh2: I'm just trying to help out by tossing a few ideas out there.


  11. New guy here, will be doing my first race tomorrow (DBRS9 at Brno). I agree with Ian Landry that races on Wednesdays should avoid exotic combos as most people won't have time to muck around with setups and learning new tracks/cars.. I know I won't :)
  12. Tiagos and Ian, I agree. However, once you install a mod and run it for several weeks like we did with the Porsches then that problem goes away.

    I am considering running the same track on Wed/Friday with different cars. It should help people with learning the track, but at the same time it wont get them too bored... Thoughts?
  13. Maybe you can use tracks wich have different versions. Like Paul Ricard, you can use the same setup as before but the other version is little diffferent so it's not repetive.
  14. Eric,

    Yes, you're right. I like the idea of tracks repeating, but instead of wed/friday, perhaps sometimes it can be 2 weeks in a row on the same day, as I think alot of people (except the really regulars that enter pretty much all the races) have only one or two nights available.

    Also, once we did the caterhams of two different classes on the same track for race 1/2. That was fun and the same principle could be repeated I guess.


  15. First of all, I have to say that I'm pretty happy with the overall situation right now. I can't tell you what a treat it is to have 3 North American time zone race days available each week.:thumb:

    The mix of shorter tracks and races during the week is a great idea because it really helps me to make a mid-week race that I might not otherwise be able to. I don't have all that much free time right now...

    The weekend race is my favorite though because it's longer, uses bigger tracks, and requires more strategy.

    My preferences run to RWD rather than FWD so I would hope that we keep that for the Sunday/Wednesday combo.

    The cars -
    How about the V8 Supercars? I haven't tried them in gtre, but they were great in rfactor and the folks that brought us DTM also did the V8s...

    The Caterhams are a fun class even though I haven't driven them much. It's also been a long time since I've seen anyone race them. Might make a good weekday class as they seem pretty easy to drive and you can really hang the tail out.

    My preference would be to run several races with each class (gtp, gts, gtc, mosler, dtm, Caterham,etc) before switching since it takes a little time with different tracks/scenarios to figure out what they can do. Also, that when we do switch classes that the next class be somewhat different, e.g. gtp then Caterham, FBMW, Mosler, etc.

    Qualifying - I would prefer a shorter qualifying, e.g. 10-15 minutes, or Super Pole, rather than the 30 minute sessions.

    Warmup - Change from 10 minutes to 5 minutes.

    Weekday format: If the Friday STCC is all FWD, then maybe we could run the Wednesday GT/RWD on the STCC tracks. To cut down on the redundancy different tracks could be used in the same week... Caterhams might be fun on the STCC tracks. Perhaps add weather though it may add more complications when people seem to want a simpler format.

    Weekend format: I would like to see mandatory pit stops with races from 45-60 minutes. Maybe add changeable weather for variety, though dry conditions seem challenging enough for me. :)

    General thoughts -
    The ALMS concept sounds interesting as I've never tried mixed class racing before. Would just need to get enough signups in each class so we have people to race against.

    Maybe have rotating weekend theme races -
    Weekend 1 - "The All Americas Road Track Series" (Road America, RoadOne Int,Mont Tremblant,Mid-Ohio, Watkins Glen, Hermanos Rodriguez, Interlagos, etc)
    Weekend 2 - "The European Long Track Series" (Le Mans,Nordschleife, Machwerk, etc)
    Weekend 3 - "Wild On The Streets" (Vancouver,Detroit, Macau, Pau, Monaco, etc)
    Weekend 4 - "The Race Across America" (Laguna Seca, ..., Mid Ohio, ...., Watkins Glen).
    Repeat as needed...:)
    Maybe some variation of this would work for the weekdays also...
  16. This input is great guys!! Thank you!!! I might go back and post a schedule a week ahead of time for anyone to comment on.
  17. So, should we do one more DTM event for this Sunday or switch to something else? Aussi V8? at Walkins Glenn?

    My brain is fried and out of idea...
  18. I've got no place being here, as the only events I race at are the Friday/Saturday events (for now, at least :wink2:) but maybe you could try an event with the Porsche 935 mod? Track possibilites could be Mosport, Le Mans 77/79, Donington maybe? Of course there's a 99.5% chance I wouldn't be able to race, so just making a suggestion. :)
  19. Alright here's my thoughts, How about each month is a different track for the Wednesday events, we start on the first Wednesday of the month with a balanced car selection like the Porsche mod or something of the likes and then begin to move it up to something more powerful say to something like the F3k or FBMW but on the same track the next week we move over to something like the Caterhams and then on the final week maybe do something like the ALMS mod. This gives those who really need time to learn the track the ability to do so but doesn't stagnate on the same track as we have new cars.

    Also I think a nice change of pace would be an oval a month as well on the wednesday races. So maybe we do 3 weeks with changing cars and then a week where it is say the Porsches or the ferraris or the ALMS on an oval, I have discussed with the one who did alot of the ovals and has the green light to do conversions with them to start moving some over to GTRE/Race07, this means that hopefully soon we will have tracks like Indy Oval, Daytona Oval and Michigan Oval in which would be a nice change of pace with very little to have to learn with the tracks.
  20. Not a bad idea Chris.