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Urgent help needed

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Rhys Gardiner, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. Since last night, my G25's throttle pedal has been spiking. Whenever I ease on to full throttle, the feed from the pedal to the sensor will stutter multiple times a second, costing me valuable top speed. I have tried blowing out any dust, but that hasn't worked. I also don't want to take the pedals apart, because that will void the warranty.

    Does anyone have any advice or help? I want to have this problem solved preferably in time for today's RDGTC race... :(
  2. Hi Rhys :-(

    Normally I would say contact clearner and then replace the pot asap, but you cant do either dude :-( Its a warrenty job :-(

    Cant think of anything else mate, really sorry
  3. I suppose, for the safety of everyone else on the grid, that I should pull out of the race then. :/
  4. there isent any warrenty sticker on the pedals Rhys, so you can take em appart without Logi ever knowing (so long asa you don`t damadge anything inside).

    ist remove the pedal plates 2 alien screws on each, if i remember right there are 16 screws in the underside (don`t miss the 2 under the carpet gripper). once screws are removed lay it right side up and carefully lift up the top half, and be carefull as the wires are fastend to the top half, if you get someone to help they can hold the top piece so you dont need to remove the wires.

    next clean any bits of fluff ect from throttle and spray contact cleaner into pot while pressing throttle, only other option for a quick fix is to swap clutch and throttle.
  5. It's very late at night, so I won't have time. But thank you for the advice... :)