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Unlicensed cars

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Sean Kenney, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. Curious what the reason is that Sector 3 doesn't just make imitation cars to complete the grid for some of the classes. I see that lots of games do it, just curious what the reasoning is? Keeping up good relations with potential licensees?
  2. ouvert

    Premium Member

    would you like to drive Prosha 822 GT3 ?
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  3. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    Yes if it's better than nothing.
  4. yep, would be good to fill adac-gtmasters with Bursche 911 and Gambordini Hassardo :D ... agree, really better than nothing as long the real specs are used.
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  5. lol if its the same as the real deal but different to avoid licensing issues :)

    I get its s simulator, so therefore try and be as real as possible, but ADAC 2013 was missing a 3-4 cars...would have loved to drive the Lamborghini...or lamborgene...
  6. Maybe they have hopes to get the real cars at some point, for that project, a Bursche 911 might be counter productive.

    Though they did talk about the Rufs....
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  7. nobody will ever licence porsche as ea have a exclusive licence and only share with there buddys. I'll bet sector 3 is very aware
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  8. It it would be interesting to hear s3 view on this?

    I can understand both sides of it
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  9. They talked about this in the last Q&A : They try to have Porsche and Lambo .. but can't promise anything. They just said: "never say never.. who know?"

    I think S3 is more likely to get a right to use the licence from EA as they only make race cars. It's not a direct competitor of EA products. But with EA, you'll never know...

    Maybe should they come with fake names as you say.. with the ability for the player to rename it (via config files edit :p ), like in some old "non FIFA games" ;)
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  10. I used to spend days changing all the NCAA Football rosters on Xbox to their authentic counterparts, and in Assetto Corsa, my URD are cars correctly named and badged.

    Regarding EA, even though they haven't released a NFS or Shift title recently, and have never done much with the licenses, don't seem willing to sub-license very often.

    Moreover, EA's PC sim racing presence is non-existent, and without a Shift sequel on the horizon, I'm not sure why they'd be loathe to sub-license. As much as it irritates (or did when I played Forza), I can understand their reticence to deal with console developers, but extending that stance to Kunos and Sector 3 et al. on PC doesn't make the same sense.

    That said, I think Porsche is really losing out (with Ruf a huge beneficiary) with the EA exclusive, and will hopefully forego renewal, whenever that is. I can't imagine they signed an "in perpetuity" type agreement, and even if they did, I'm sure they've written in opt out clauses.

    Goddamn EA!
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  11. I much rather see Rufs on the starting grid than Prosha or Bursche!
    Same same for me, been enjoying Rufs since Gran Turismo 2 :thumbsup:
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  12. The thing is that Ruf are highly modified Porsche... I can't see a Ruf as a Porsche anymore as it's really very different cars.

    And Ruf doesn't make Racing car like Porsche (911 RSR, 911 Cup or superCup, etc)
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  13. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    We do already have RUFs though - there are two of them on the R3E store.
  14. mainly interesting to fill up the classes like adac gt masters. unfortunately, they only have porsche and no RUF in the grid.

    curious, no AstonMartin Vantage in AdacGTMasters 2013 aswell?!

    Mainly you could blame Porsche for granting exclusive license to someone (seriously, cars to play on video games only for 1 publisher?). IMO if EA wouldn't take it, some other would do.
  15. gt has tried to get Porsche for years but maybe things will change

    ps. Porsche don't care they clearly think there not losing anything important.