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Universe Of Racers Announced

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by RaceDepartment, May 29, 2013.

  1. RaceDepartment

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  2. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    I like the concept, I'm curious about the physics and what can of driving you can expect :)
  3. I'm excited about this and I like it's premise, and I will certainly do my best to put aside my hard earned moneypennies so as to support this.

    My thoughts are somewhat towards a Live For Speed style experience apart from the obvious parts in the business model.

    What I am worried about however is how the "No real cars, no real tracks" will work out in conjunction with the overall product premise.
    If sim/racing enthusiasts can't recognize tracks or cars (aside from the likeness there may be with real life counterparts) they won't be as interested and will likely put it aside quite quickly. I speak only for myself though, obviously, as I've put every game of the like on hold, apart from the occasional race in Live For Speed, but my experience tells me that most sim products that have original home-brewed cars and tracks only have less popularity and a much smaller playerbase than the ones who do.

    I realize the difficulties (especially the economic ones) in getting real cars and tracks integrated, but isn't this something modders are able to counter? And if so, is this at all possible to integrate into the game without ruining the whole plan for the multiplayer part of the game, with its championships and such?

    It is highly possible that my questions regarding this is already answered on indiegogo but I haven't read it just yet; come to think of it, I ought to go and do that before I continue rambling :)

    No matter how intricate and difficult the answers to these questions may be though, this is a very exciting take on the sim/racing part. I'm looking forward to trying the demo and finding out more about this. :)
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  4. PS. I meant to include that I also thought about Project Torque/Level-R/Heat Online (all are basically the same game) as they had many if not all of the things UoR has in its business model premise, however it thrived quite well in comparison to other racing sim/games with mainly original cars and tracks, although they did offer buying real cars with special in-game credits you bought with real money, which probably helped boost the playerbase.
  5. Cars are not "real" brand cars not only because it's not easy to get the licence to use their names, but also for another reason: let's imagine a car from brand A and a car from brand B. Both cars are in the same category, but A has better performances than B. As a real simulator keeps the different real cars performances also in game, the car A would always stand out from car B in the races.
    The only solution to this problem would be to have only one brand of cars in the game.
    Maybe in the future we will have real brand cars and we'll look to solve the above problem, but all this will be possible only when there will be enough players.

    Public multiplayer races don't allow cars made by modders, we'll decide about enabling it for private team races.

    We think that playing with different and unknown tracks can give to players new driving experiences and more fun, furthermore it helps to balance players performances and give more competitive races.

    We hope this helps to clarify these subjects.
    We mean to model UoR on the players needs keeping the original game concept that will be adjusted, as time goes by, on the requests that we receive.

    Thank you for your interest in UoR.
  6. This does look cool!

    I've not looked fully, but how about traffic if it's not already in there?

    Racing on unknown roads is already an interesting concept, throwing in the random variable of traffic too would make the racing much more about driver skills than anything else...

    Limit point driving from real life would suddenly be useful, especially if you have options to make collisions result in realistic damage.

    Keep up the good work, nice to see something fresh and innovative in the car/road racing genre :D
  7. The traffic will be included in a future DLC for illegal street racing
  8. New video available about the development of physics