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unacceptable downloadspeed...

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Daniel_Knecht, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. After my 2nd try to Download the Demo of GAME STOCKCAR and the Download cancled a second time is dont try it a 3rd time.

    The Downloadspeed from all your Mirror war max 100kb/s... Hello? We dont life in 1950...

    By 98% "Connection corrupted" and now i´m sick! how i say... i dont download the game a 3rd time and i dont buy it sorry people... thats me to stupid!

    more then 10 houres for 50% and then only 30 Minutes to test... HAHA how funny "omg"
  2. Alex Sawczuk

    Alex Sawczuk
    Reiza Studios Premium

  3. Ok last chance... but when this cancled too or go unter a unacceptable speed then was that.
  4. Weird that so many people have problems i used the one that Cloud posted yesterday. And i got 1.5 mb with it. :)
  5. A nice option could be a torrent for it. Sometimes is the broken file that bothers me. The torrent, if slow still is going on and never brokes!!
  6. I had issues as well, but your link here worked. Thanks, guys. Looking forward to testing it. Watch out for Racemag for a review soon.