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Unable to upload TT Laptimes

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Fahad Gaffoor, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. All of a sudden, im not able to upload my times onto leaderboard??
    What could be the reason??

    I haven't got any mods runnings
  2. More people are saying this in the time trial thread, but I dont have any problems. Only times this were the case for me was when I've had the game open in the BG for several hours and didnt notice that I was signed out of GFWL.
  3. dude.. dont know whats really happening.. i managed better lap time at Montreal.. but it wont get uploaded.. its so weird..
  4. Tomas might be on to something - is it possible you got logged out of Live while you were time trialing? Maybe there was an internet problem? Of course, that wouldn't account for other people having the problem too. Hmn. I haven't had this happen...yet...but I guess we aught to screen capture any good laptimes, just in case. :(
  5. yeah.. its bad that i can barely record the laps coz im playing it on a laptop.. so my framerate drops to 20~25 and its practically impossible to drive..
    i did a great time in montreal.. but theres no point talking about it coz it never got uploaded to LB.. this is really weird..
  6. so there's no solution for my problem.. so i just decided to do a fresh installation of the game.. lets see if that works.. wat a bummer of a situation im stuck with