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Unable to choose options under heading "Engine"

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by jjaycee1, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. No mattrer what race option i choose e.g Grand Prix, TT or Career when i go to set up I never have an option to change anything under the Engine option. I press the down arrow to choose mix but the nothing happens.
    My last problem I posted was a result of my ignorance, and this may be the same, but if anyone can guide me as to how i can get the option to work I would be most grateful.
    I play on PC with Thrustmaster Ferrari 3-in1 wheel set to custom.
  2. There is no fuel map in TT. In career mode you probably haven't unlocked the engine map upgrades.
    Not sure why a GP race wouldn't give you the options.
    What about multiplayer?
  3. Are you sure the button you are pressing works ?
  4. Yes the button works fine Bradley. Paul, I dont play multiplayer I only play offline.
    What do you guys play that allows you to use the option? I understand TT wont give me the option, but does anyone play GP mode offline and get the option to use?
  5. Fuel mapping in 2011 is only available with the fuel sim set to ON, unlike in 2010 where it was received via practice objectives.
  6. Mark, Fuel sim is set to ON under my Difficulty option setting. Does the fact that I drive with assists on bear any significance? Do I have to have "achieved" some objective elsewhere in the game prior to get this option? ALL other options work fine.
  7. u should be able to access the engine modes right from the start of your career theres no need to unlock any r&d
  8. You can't change the engine mix, engine or fuel amount before a race which is why it is all greyed out.
    In quali or practice you should be able to change them.
  9. Many thanks. I discovered this yesterday.