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Steering Wheels Ultimate RealiZm - Senna 98T Wheel 1.0

Signatures Edition , Senna Tribute Wheel!!!

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  1. Very accurate!
  2. I Tried to Climb to the Top of the Mountain but the TiTan is just Too much Money after Comparing the Benchmark Tests,,, I suppose This will have to do,,,,;)
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  3. Why not an AMD ? depending on the game (if better optimized for AMD or Nvidia), the 280x performs the same or better than the gtx 780 and 770. It will only cost you 300 USD + tax
  4. GTX 780 #2 On PC Benchmark most Powerful cardsbut mine is not running too good at all I could not even get a Benchmark better than my GTX580 Classified earlier But I had to install drivers 4 Times ill have another mess after but I am not impressed at the Minute,,,:(
  5. Go SLi bro. Go 770 times 2. Seriously. And AMD in Crossfire would suck ass. Period. Single card is debateable but in double card its nVidia all the way. :)
  6. Some Benchmarks on Ultra been getting Awesome Results but a Kid on youtube was getting 92Fps n F1 2013 Ultra Settings I am not getting no way Near that,,,,
    This is the Second Card I bought From Scan ,, I bought my GTX580 And when I installed my Xeon Quad Core I stripped my PC Down and rebuilt it ,,,,
    But the GTX580 Was saying Correctable PCI-E Error in slot 1 ,,,,,,,,,
    Thought it was my Motherboard but Installed this 780 Earlier and the error message is now gone ,,,, So there is issue with my 580 Somewhere,,,
    But this GTX780 I Did a 3DMark Benchmark earlier and it was saying after I had done that I was inbetween a Gaming Laptop and a Highend PC,,,,,,,,,
    But it said the Memory Clock was 500MHZ And should be 6000Mhz not sure....:unsure:
  7. You do know that Xeon procesor is not ment for gaming right ? and you are quite bottlenecking the video card if i am corrrect,since i5 2500k does alot better job at utilizing the GPU power than this server/render cpu .
    And also one tip,
    The Ghz of each core is not multiplied,you`ve said @ youtube 19 Ghz Procesor someone is going nuts,
    Even thou i have a i7 2600k at 5.2Ghz you cant say its practically 20Ghz + since there are 4 cores,
    Also at what actual frequency you are running this Xeon Processor ?
    Also if your video card is somewhat downclocked,just install MSI Afterburner and overclock it ,if the voltage is locked and its still at low mhz flash the card bios and unlock it .
    I`ve unlocked the FERMI 580 GTX from 1.13 VCore Max to 1.21 Constant and also removed the limit at the core clock from 895.And on top of that increase the MemVoltage If you are going to clock the memory since the main voltage control is usually only for the core of the card and aint including the voltage of the ram and thats why its abit more tricky to OC the memory.
    Also make sure you`ve Unparked all of your CPUs for maximum performance so you can utilize them at near 100% of all time load instead of the limited stage.
    Also enable Prefer Maximum performance at all times at NCC so it woudnt backtrottle.
    And turn also on Threaded Optimization at NCC it benefits all games that support hyperthreading,for instance at Battlefield 3 if you enable this option the game loading speed increases immensly.
  8. Standard CPU Like i5 / i7 And so on say for example it his i7 Quad Core 4.0 Ghz standard Cpu are nly Divided by 4 /,,, So a 4.O Ghz CPU Will have 4 Cores @1Ghz per Core that is how they work,,,,
    But Server/Workstation CPU Work Totally different to standard Processors ,,,,
    Server CPU For Example is Quad Core 4.0GHZ That will have 4 Cores @4.0GHZ Each,,,
    This is how they have always been so your 5.2 Ghz Divided by 4 = 4 Cores @1.3GHz per Core I Have 2 x Xeon Quad Core and I Have 8 Cores @2.33 Ghz
    It his a easy mistake to make if you do not understand anything regarding Servers.
    Its the Graphics Cards and setting up certain things I do not understand But thankyou for poiting me in the right direction I will check out now what you have said,,,,:thumbsup:
    The Guys can go Crazy all they want m8 People just think that they know everything about PC,S If they Overclock there Cpu or do a Couple of mods,,,
    But obviously they have not got a Clue about Servers or Workstations or they would understand that a Server CPU The total GHZ IS X By the amount of Cores and a standard CPU Is divided by the amount Cores just thought I would just point this out for people who do not understand.;)
  9. Are we discussing a Senna steering wheel or an Videocard upgradei am not sure wether you guys use the right thread
  10. What does this replace the classic lotus wheel or an 2013 car steering?
  11. It replaces the Classic Lotus wheel the 98T ,,, Just copy your files and have fun,,:thumbsup:
  12. Ty bro nice work :D
  13. Titan is e-peen. It's more useful as a developer card, apparently.

    When it comes to actual gaming performance, you're better off with a 780 Ti. Better performance, better price.

    The new AMD R280x/R290X perform around the same as a stock GTX 780 (meaning not overclocked at all), and they're more affordable... but the new AMD cards also run really, really absurdly hot and loud and can't really be overclocked since they already run at ~90 Celsius.