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Tyre Wear Problem during Race

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by f1iosdef, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. I'm having a big problem during the race with tyre wear. I'm playing on Legend in a RedBull. Next race is Montreal. Nearly all races I had to stop an extra stop in the very few last laps of the 50% race which destroyed. Its always either front left of front right depending on circuit that the percentage is just bigger than other tyres. Is there something I can do in setup not to hurt front right/left?
  2. Andrew

    Life is Short–Talk Fast ! Staff Member Premium Member

    Same problem here. Mostly in the last lap the tire just *explodes*.
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  3. Same here too, and it's getting really annoying. The AI have their tyre wear balanced so it doesn't happen to them. There's no way right now to edit just player tyre wear to balance with AI. Hopefully codemasters will add some sliders, because it's getting silly.

    I even tried lowering to Full damage instead of sim but this did nothing, 4 stops at austria on 50% race, totally useless.
  4. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss
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    I haven't had this problem, but have only had a couple 50% races so far, and those were all quick races, not career mode. Is it a career mode specific problem?
    In my career i'm running 100% race distance and have been able to cut a stop or two by going easy on the tyres.
    In a practice Monza race i was able to one stop without a problem(Soft, Medium)
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  5. Are you entering the corners too agressively? Do not break *into* the corner. Break before it.

    It's nothing unusual that one tyre get more wear than the other. Most tracks have more right turns than left turns.

    Have you run the tyre wear practice programs? Otherwise, do it to see how your driving style affect tyre wear. There you get immediate feedback when you do something wrong. The indicator flashes and goes down very quickly. Avoid all such manouvres.
  6. Not having this issue either. 100% distance career no assists. If anything my tyre wear is a bit better than the AI.
    Are you locking your brakes into corners? You shouldn't let your tyre wear go past about 45% as you lose too much time. Pit and change to fresh ones.
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  7. No tyre wear problem here. Just learn how to drive and you will be ok!
  8. Your driving must be very smooth! Dont look for speed, look for perfect driving and the speed will be automatic
  9. I think im locking the fronts alot. I m on controller with auto gears, braking off but with anti brake lock on legend ai. How do i brake correctly? Thanks y'all
  10. Wheel/pad makes the biggest ingame difference on tyre wear.
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  11. Well basically DO NOT break into the corner. Break on the straight, then turn towards the apex(in some corners you could hold the throttle a little bit), and gently accelerate out from the corner.
    However, you might find it difficult to do that with a pad but with a wheel you will find that everything goes so swiftly .
    I used to struggle on the tyre wears with a pad but now with a wheel it's no longer a problem for me.
    For example now I can do 1 pitstop in Austria with us-s, and also 1 pitstop in Singapore with ss-us.