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Tyre grip editor? and right field spred out.

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Nick Kasapis, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. Hi guys, do you know if there is a tyre grip editor out there, or if the one from F12010 works, but i find it difficult.
    I adjusted the tyre wear levels from database.bin because the tyres was out in five laps and you had to do 4 pit stops on 31 laps at singapoure. I have also tweeked the tier levels and spread out the field properly, no more 1,5sec between 1st and 16th, now it's about 3,5sec between them and 5sec max between 1st and 24th. So the tyre grip editor is the only thing missing...

  2. good lord are you drifting the whole track????
  3. No i dont drift at all, i drive smoothly, but the game decides i have to pit so often (recommended stragety), i can hold the tyres at least 2 more laps but even that is a bit unrealistic. The values i use now are better and can race Ai and pit whenever they pit. But that's a personal opinion, other should find it fine as it is, but i definately want to reduse grip at 90%. This is a must for me, i watched yesterday the singapore GP and the cars in the game steer almost in every corner in higher gear, and this is pretty much at all tracks. The 10 second faster times from the real racing says everything.
  4. Any chance of sharing those tyre wear and ai tier grip values? Not had chance to test out adjusting them yet myself :)

    I agree about the tyre grip though, I tried adjusting the session grip values but they made basically no difference - last year you could edit the surface materials file but that didn't affect the AI unfortunately.
  5. hm well you can just change the race strategy. or just not come in when it tells you to, although they'll be trying to tell you to come in every lap past that (as far as I know you can ignore this indefinitely and make up your own strategy)
  6. Well, for the tyre wear i increased every value on max distance tab by 10, if it was 37,23 i made it 47.23. For the field spread out i decreased by 10 the values on the ai tier characteristics, VP tab! I had a very very fun race at suzuka yesterday but is still too fast, the first corners until dunlop i had 5th gear in and at 130R is flat out 7th gear!! I don't think they will be flat out there, it's scary!
  7. On board with Schumi from last year was flat out through 130R, also it's hard to tell what gear he's in in the video but I'm pretty sure he's in 5th in the Esses, maybe 4th but I know he shifts up to 5th again by the dunlop curve
  8. Well anyway i am glad i don't experience other bugs, so far Ai are good at all tracks i raced, not very fast or slow on other tracks, and i had some good races... I wish i had more time to play, five years ago i was playing gp4 for 6 hours a day, now i can't find even one hour. :( Oh and for the first lap here is a tip... If you increase player damage to 1.5 you will be as slow as the AI on the first lap because you will be afraid of crashing on the walls or on the other cars !!! ;)