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Apps TV Logos Pack For AC 2.0

Replace AC logo app in-game

  1. GLaDOSGamer64 submitted a new resource:

    TV Logos Pack For AC - Replace AC logo app in-game

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  2. Nice app....thank you.
    Folks, what is the app that GlaDOSGamer64 is using to show brake/throttle/etc. in lower right of screen.....I would really like to have that.
    I'm a nooby, so bear with me.
  3. Assuming an easy installation, this looks to be a fantastic little mod. Any chance for an NBC Sports logo for us colonials?

  4. its called
    The Formula 1 2014 TV HUD display
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  5. wasugi,
    Got it....thanks so much for your information.
  6. Simple, sweet & clever. Thanks!
  7. Hi. Great mod, any chance of a Eurosport one?
  8. An update with NBC sports, Sport+, Eurosport, Motors TV, SPEED, abmoteurs will be release this evening (France hour)
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  9. Hell that was fast! Bravo!
  10. Jack Vos

    Jack Vos

    Thanks for creating and sharing
  11. Hello, would you know why my home it does not work?
    It will have to work with other Formula 1 car?