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Skins Turqoise Torro Rosso 1.0

A Simple Repaint

  1. Hey nice mod I really like it. I wanted to make some skins myself but have no idea what programms I need. Could you please tell me which ones I need.
  2. Ryder's Erp Archiver
    Photoshop CS6
  3. I got the programms but the only type of data I have in my texture folder in F1 is mipmap and I can't open them how did you do it (sorry for not looking myself have a lot to do atm and I really appreciate your help)
  4. CW.


    Open ERP archiver
    Go to file -> open
    For this example I will open the Torro Rosso
    Follow asset_groups\f1_2016_vehicle_package\teams\toro_rosso\wep and open toro_rosso.erp
    Locate the toro_rosso_paint.tga file in the
    Once selected, go to the top off the window and click textures -> export (don't close EEA until you have imported btw)
    Export the texture to somewhere obvious like your desktop
    If you have the dds plugin for photoshop (https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-texture-tools-adobe-photoshop) you can open the texture.
    Once you have finished editing go to textures -> Import (in EEA) and select the toro_rosso.tga.dds
    File -> Save and overwrite the previous toro_rosso.erp (Make a Backup first).
  5. I got the most things done now thanks for your help only 1 thing left. When I want to import the tga.dds data eea teels me its the wrong format and i cant import it.
  6. Save the texture as a dds instead of a tga.dds :D
  7. I saved it as a dds but it still says "Could not import texture, Image type not supported". I saved the image by going to save as picked dds (I did not change the name still says toro_rosso.tga and formate dds). Then i have some options to chose but I did not change anything there.
  8. Ok never mind got it thanks for all your help guys. ^^
  9. Your Welcome :D
  10. Can you tell how you figure it out???
    I'm still stuck at there