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Apparel Turkish Helmet 1.0

Nationality Helmet

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  1. Gerald ... Italian Ferrari helmet days ago I asked you ..... excuse the trouble .. anyway nice job ..:(:thumbsup:

  2. Will come good.
    Don't worry.
    Everything has its own time.
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  3. tanks Gerald :D
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  4. omg gerald Great Job.Thanks Really Thanks :) :thumbsup:
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  5. magnificently as always!!! Can you make Russian halmet for Lotus? PLEASE!!!
    you are the best !!
  6. Nice Helmet ! Can't wait for the nationality pack !
  7. Hey man great work first of all! Looks like I want too much but, could you do the same helmet with the sponsors of the teams such as Vodafone and Kaspersky or Clear maybe?
  8. hey guys turkısh helmet for ferrari ???
    gerald please??
  9. Dux


    How do you apply the helmet in the game? I know how to make one but how to install it ? Please
  10. Very nice helmet,thank you.:thumbsup:

  11. Use ryder's pssg editor to export import dds files.
    Helmet textures are in cars/fe2/livery 00/01 and characters/models.
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  12. Gerald, Russian halmet for Lotus pleeeeease!!!!!!!!
  13. gerald how do you get them so perfect is there an easy way?
  14. Photoshop is easier then Gimp and paint.net.
    It makes things very easy.
  15. Also a nice theme for the country.:thumbsup:
    I'm curious like a German helmet will look:p
  16. ok thnx
  17. As usual Gerard, great work! Congratulations on your work! I look forward for the Canadian and Quebec helmets you have in the pipeline!
  18. Just curious what software do you use to makes these stunning renders! The helmets almost appears as real!

  19. Helmet on the way, probably today.
    I use key shot 3 for rendering.