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Try to make contact with Leo Bodnar

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Heinz Vanderhoydonck, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. Hello guy's.

    This is not the normal way to make contact with Leo but my gear (2 sli pro's) were sended back to Leo more than 2 months ago.

    I sended him already several mails but i dont get any respons. I don't now if he has 2 months vacation but i would apreciate some answer from him.

    So Leo, i would apreciate if you take contact with me, you now the reason why i dont have much time left. (if you read my mails).

    A very frustrated client.
  2. I have also tried to contact him via E-mail a long time ago now, I honestly think he has changed e-mail clients. He has been working on a FFB board, so maybe his time has been focused on that.
  3. I can also confirm, I tried a few times to Email him with a problem, but never got a reply.
  4. Same here
  5. try through the EK forums. he might know whats happening
  6. This is the story
  7. Wel i got for 270€ of material sended back to check and repair, more than 2 months ago. In a few weeks i got to go out of the country for 5 months. I would like to get my gear back before i go. There is still something called "customers service". I mailed EK and Zeljko Roso aswel but no response.
  8. I've had mixed fortunes contacting Leo but I did get a response from him when I ordered an interface for the G27 shifter - that was last Thursday 25th.

  9. Seems like you need to ask all questions when your handing him cash :frown:
  10. Finally got an answer from Leo, package is on the way.
  11. Ditto.

    Anyone know where I can get the same encoders that Leo has as I'm going to have to replace the faulty one and am not buying from Leo. Seems he'll respond to emails if sending money but otherwise silence. It's not the money it's the principal, a response at least doesn't hurt. I have sent him so many customers as well.
  12. Have you tried Brian at SimRacingHardware (brian.clancy@simracinghardware.com).
    He might be able to help you out.

  13. I have the same encoders in stock Will, just e-mail me at the above addy and I can sort you a replacement :)
  14. Leo's products are great, but the lack of replying email is a big bummer :(
    I had a rev C version of the SLI-PRO which just freezes after a few minutes. I send the item back, but no awnser on any email. If it was a $10 board i just order a new one, but this way it's a bit expensive :(

    I don't mind if he needs 1 month to fix it, but i would like to hear if he received it :(