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TRM's Sounds of Stockcar v1.0

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Steve Jones, Jul 23, 2011.


    TRM's Sounds Of Stockcar V1.0 - Date 23/07/2011

    Firstly i would like to thank Rezia Studios for this excellent sim - I hope you like what i have done, its a complement to you all for the time and effort you have put into Stockcar The Game.

    Picture This :-

    Sitting in the cockpit can be a very hostile place - the roar of the engine, the popping of the exhaust and the transmission straining to cope. I have tried to create what i imagine it would be like to drive one of these beasts :)


    Tweaked Sound Settings.
    Adjusted External Car Sounds.
    New & Adjusted Internal Cockpit Sounds.
    New Ambient Sounds.
    Some Enviromental Changes.

    Sounds the best in Cockpit View - the only way to Drive!

    If you have any Comments or Suggestions or you think something needs adjusting please feel free to email me.

    Known Bugs:

    You dont hear the other cars crank the engine up.
    Rev Limiter - both Inside & Outside sound doesnt play.

    These are bugs original to the Game.

    These are Released as Work in Progress.

    Install Instructions

    Please Unzip and copy the Gamedata folder to your STockcar Installation and just overwrite any existing Folders.

    These files have been created on a soundblaster X-FI. They are a mixture of sounds, some created, some borrowed and some are original. If you have any problems please feel free to email me.

    Get them from here - http://www.jolts-trmracing.co.uk and go to our downloads section.


    Created by : Steve Jones

    email address : stevetrm@btinternet.com

    Our League Website Address is :-


    Any comments please email me.

    Feel free to edit or use these files as you like, all i ask is credit given.

  2. Just a little video of what to expect, excuss my driving as i've not driven the track much.

  3. It's a great sound. Thanks
  4. They still need some some fine adjustments but i'll work on them as i go along. TBH the stock sounds are great, the guys have done an excellent job - i just wasnt keen on the idle sound but again its a personal preference i think. Glad you like them, more to come when i get some more free time to tweak :)
  5. Very good sounds! Thank you, Steve.
  6. Thanks1000 !
    Could you add a louder gear shift up/down ?
  7. This thread should go to GSC download's section, shouldn't it?
    Anyway, I'll give it a try Steve, since it's a hard task to improve the original sounds..
  8. Thanks for your work, this is a great addition :cool:
  9. Hm.. quite good.. like it!
  10. Excellent sounds, i like very much !
  11. Thanks for the input, much appreciated. I'm hoping to release v2.0 very soon, just working on fine adjustments and overall balance.