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Triple screen fov

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by jimortality, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. jimortality


    Sorry if this has been mentioned but is there any way to alter fov with triple screen please.
  2. Stelios


    Move your mouse on the most right position of the screen(s) and you will see the app bar. There is an app for triple screen. Profit :D
  3. jimortality


    Thank you but I can't seem to get the app bar for some reason.
  4. You can alter fov manually with + and - on the numpad.
  5. jimortality


    Thanks but already tried that and it didn't work.
  6. What GPU do you have? I have issues with setting it to triple screen ingame, so I set it to one across three.

    Set number of screens to one in AC.

    If you have nVidia got to control panel, click span displays with surround and then click bezel correction. Correct until the road image lines up. The click on resolutions in the same menu you clicked on bezel correction and look at the "in use". Pick one of the bezel corrected ones. One should be slightly higher than your native res, and one is lower.

    Go to documents/assettocorsa/cfg and open video.ini. Set resolution to exactly the number you picked from the list. Done. After that you can use the +/- on numpad or the onboard settings app to adjust fov, seat position, etc.
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  7. The FOV when 3 screens are rendered separately is determined by screen size and distance from the screen, adjustable in the triple screen app, the FOV adjustment in the onboard app will not work.

    edit: spent ages looking for the triple screen app, you need to scroll down :D
  8. The triple screen calculations appeared to be broken in 0.2 FYI, but correct in 0.2.1, even though there was nothing in the log. Or, whatever was buggy stopped being buggy at some point. In any case, I can use the real calcs and get a realistic FOV on my screens.

    The external replay cameras are all wrong though but i see that's slated to be fixed in 0.3