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Tracks Trial Mountain 0.2

based on the Gran Turismo series fictional track

  1. jtom submitted a new resource:

    Trial Mountain - based on the Gran Turismo series fictional track

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  2. thank you! let's test :whistling:
  3. Thanks for this Track..absolute fantastic love this Track :):D
  4. the difference between two folders?
  5. i does not work for me
  6. AWESOME Thank's
  7. Drove this one tonight in the RD Racing Club - was very fun and a pure nostalgia trip.

    If you are able to jtom, here some suggestions for other tracks from Gran Turismo you might create:

    Made-up circuits in GT
    • Special Stage Route 5 (a great one, fast street circuit, night race)
    • El Capitan (interesting circuit with elevation changes)
    • Rome at Night (only in GT2) (fast, technical and pleasent to drive)
    • Grand Valley Speedway (fast and technical course)
    • Apricot Hill Raceway (easy and pleasent to drive)
    • Mid Field (a classic, easy and fast)

    iRL circuits from GT
    • Infineon Raceway (aka Sonoma) (Sports car version, not the shorter Stock car version) (very cool and demanding circuit with blind corners)
    • Fuji Raceway 2005 (easy and fast to drive, wide run-off areas, if a bit boring)
    • Seattle Circuit (a classic one, technical and tricky street circuit, very fun)
    • Seoul Central (easy and fast, very suited for Touring cars)
    • Tokyo Route R246 (a classic, an absolutely fantastic circuit, fast, demanding and technical)
  8. deep forest too please :)
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  9. I know for a fact that there's already a Grand Valley for rFactor. Maybe seek permission to convert it?
  10. Yes you may, Manuel. However simple conversions from rFactor result in a high degree of bumpiness and other issues. We have to make sure this lays in good hands and will be done properly. Jtom or another modder has to have the time, willingness and skills to do it, of course.
  11. Surprising just how memorable these tracks are. I can remember every turn. Better than most of the Real tracks they featured.
    And makes the Forza series originals look rather poor :p
  12. Yes, you're right, Bryan. I've felt really 'at home' during the race on Saturday.
  13. hi can some one help i'm not very techno savvy but i so want this track but i'm having trouble getting it i've just added a few other tracks a while ago bathurst limerock the nurb and they all downloaded in zip file where i had to extract **** but when i download this it don't seem to be in a zip file is there something i'm doing wrong
  14. Its something similar, 7z is caled, you need this program to unzip.
  15. cheers mate very helpful
  16. This track somehow make my wheel go absolutely crazy.

    There is some part of the track that was so bad i literally has to lower the road effect on the FFB to nothing otherwise i fear my G25 is going to break :)

    Other than that its a sweet track with very good challenges with a high speed car.
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  17. :thumbsup: What is about Midfield and Deep Forest?
  18. Great track and great work but the boxes do not work in 1.7.5
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