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Transfering game saves...

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by iceman333, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. Can I transfer my game save (including career mode) from my old computer onto a new computer? I am still using the same GFWL profile...
  2. Yes, but it really isn't easy.

    I think there is a game save application that will extract the files for you, not sure about this though.

    You have to copy the save files in Mydocuments somewhere, which is the easy part. You then have to copy a bunch of the GFWL stuff over from in the program files and also mydoc's directories.

    You should certainly test the copied saves on your new computer before removing any data from your old computers hard drive.

    I had to copy everything to do with GFWL. With just a straight copy of the save files, F1 2010 wouldn't recognise the saves, they were corrupt. I might be able to tell you directories later.
  3. I just did a format and reinstall and here's what I had to do....

    Craig is right, the new install didn't recognize my old savegame, but the solution is easy.

    Just create a new savegame, then copy and overwrite it with the contents of your old savegame.

    In other words, copy the contents of the folders from your old savegame into the new folders. Do not copy the folders themselves, but what's inside them.

    The new savegame gives the folder a different name, so you need to copy the contents of your old savegame folder into the new folder.

    Hope that made sense :)
  4. iceman, Craig, Mike there is only one way to save your savegame files and after reinstalling windows F1 2011 recognized it!

    You must save two folders! 1) savegame 2) xlive

    both of them are in document folder, but xlive folder is in hidden folder, and you must first unhide it.
  5. Thanks all

    Will try again over the weekend and get back to you if there's still a problem...
  6. You could also just take an image copy of the drive and drop it on the new rig. Save a bit of hassle doing it that way.
  7. You mast copy these two folders, there are theirs locations