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Transfer drivers

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by MaicoV, Oct 29, 2011.

  1. I was wondering if it is possible to transfer drivers from team to team manualy!?
    I would personally like to put D'ambrosio in a sauber seat for example, cause i would like to see him finish higher up.
    Anyone knows if this is possible, and if so, how can I change it?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Nobody?!
  3. do you have ryder database editor? if yes you need change values in f1teams_drivers f.e. if d'ambrosio has id 132, perez 144, you need to find this lines in switch them:)
  4. Ok, thanks, but if i do so, will his name only be different of will everything from driver abilities to ranking name be different?

    Edit* tried it and didn't work for me..
  5. Try f1drivers_f1teams, switch f1team values.

    Also don't forget to switch car livery values.

    It worked for me. The only problem is with driver models.
    E.g. I switched Schumacher with Massa, worked fine, the names, stats, skills, etc. switched too. But in garage, during a cutscene where the driver gets into the car, Schumacher is still dressed in his Mercedes suit. In the race he looks like Massa - green helmet, red Ferrari suit, although the name and everything else switched fine, as I said.
    So it's not that easy.
  6. doesn't work for me.. Started new career, but d'ambrosio still drives for virgin.. Anyone got a guide in steps?
  7. oh, i forgot, every driver has his own pssg file with clothes, helmets, skin etc. So U need also Ryder PSSG editor, then find pssg file called (for example) higbody_felipemassa.pssg and open it, you will se, that if you export it you get .tga file, then edit it and import back in that program, save, drive, win:)
  8. hm... if u can wait let say... to sunday i can do all the changes in database, just say what you need;) i will send you database (only if U have cracked version, on store-bought it can crash)
  9. That would be awesome, the only problem is, I have the bought version.
    Thought of a way to solve it, can't I just name perez --> dambrosio and dambrosio --> perez in the database?
    Don't know if this works or not?

    Edit* Working now! Dambrosio is driving for Sauber!
    Thanks for help everybody!
  10. well, good job:D in mine ver (oryginally bought) all changes in database makes game crash, but i downloaded razor ver and put mine serial and i can change everything:D