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Torro Rosso... Is It a Good Team?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by hell_storm2004, May 18, 2011.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I see that Torro Rosso is interested giving me a contract. I was just wondering is the team any better than Virgin?

    How is Sauber and Williams?? Between these 3 teams which one would you pick?
  2. Logic would tell me to go with Williams :)
  3. But here in my first season, i see that they have scored least points out of the three if that is any measure of performance!
  4. I would go with Williams. I think Williams is 3rd tier...
  5. I'm doing a 3 season career and enjoying the STR car in the first year. It's pretty much in the middle of the pack I would say. It's fast enough to give me a chance to score points if I drive well, but slow enough to give me a feeling of accomplishment when I do well.
  6. Sauber and STR are about the same power although Sauber usually finish ahead of STR. Williams would be the best of the three considering you need more rep points to get an offer from them. Are all these offers for Driver #1?
  7. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    I find F1 2010 the most enjoyable when driving a season with the slowest possible teams :) The slower the better the races, at least for me :)

    HRT and Virgin all the way :)
  8. LOL, and you'll start seeing them owning RBR, Ferrari and McLaren
  9. I'd actually pick TR over Williams. Williams' car feels very "understeery" compared to the TR. But weird thing is when I compare lap times, the Williams is about half a second faster. But I didn't enjoy driving it, even though it was faster.
  10. Exactly what I think. I'm discovering the Torro Rosso these days, and find it very fun to drive, kind of quick lite car. I find the William feels like a heavy car, less fun to drive, altough it's a bit quicker...Hard to explain really. Try'em out on grand prix mode !
  11. I am at Marina Bay now. I have offers from STR, Sauber, Lotus, HRT and above all McLaren already. I am replacing Hamilton for them. Now McLaren is a great car but other than that Sauber should be a good choice right? I still haven't got an offer from Williams.

    Even one of my friends told me that STR may not have the power, but its quite stable and fun to drive!
  12. The STR is quite a good team which is vey agile. I'm on my 2nd season with it and is on my 3rd. I'm quite sure in my third, I should be able to beat the rbr. And that's with the fast corner Ai fix. But I disable the fuel sim.

    Go with the STR. :)
  13. STR, Lotus, McLaren, Sauber as Driver 2.
    HRT as Driver 1.

    Off Topic: This season i see that Lotus team has improved quite a lot! They are doing well.
    Also could anyone tell me what the Ferarri's rear wing issue with FIA was?
  14. I think the high horizontal part of the wing (the one that moves for the drs system) was like a 1/8 inch to high.
  15. Sometimes, if you decline the first offer for driver 2 you will see them come back with an offer for driver 1 (but that's irrelevant when we are talking about a team like Mclaren)
  16. Don't go to McLaren. You'll just get kicked out due to reputation levels (even if you win WDC & WCC). Unless of course, you'll like to keep skipping teams at the end of the season.
  17. What makes you stay on in McLaren? If WDC and WCC is not good enough?

    I am considering Sauber as the best bet!
  18. I signed with STR after completing Abu Dhabi in my HRT, I had no idea what team I was going to drive for until I was back in the paddock at Yas Marina. Did a quick test run of the Sauber and the STR outside of career mode and, although my Kamui fondness was telling me to take the Sauber seat, after I sat in the STR I immediately felt so much more at home in the STR. The setups that I came up with for Bahrain and Melbourne felt brilliant and I ended up taking back to back victories from pole. Malaysia was a little more challenging setup wise but I managed to put it on the podium at least.

    Overall, coming from the gutless understeering HRT, the STR has been a lot of fun to drive and I am having a lot of fun fine tuning my setup over the course of the weekend. My HRT setups always felt like I was compensating for the weaknesses of the car, whereas tuning my STR gives the feeling like I'm actually getting something extra out of it. Guess I can't speak for the Sauber, but I'm definitely glad I didn't reprise my role at HRT.
  19. Even that is the same what i feel for my Virgin. I always have to play with a lot of oversteer to compensate for the lack of handling! Play with less downforce to make the car go faster. I think i will take the two cars out for a spin in the TT and decide. I am not going for Virgin's renewal, Lotus, HRT. I have a few races left lets see how much rep i can get. Williams have a target of 25.
  20. The issue with Ferrari's wing in Spain was that they'd been clever with the interpretation of the rules. There's a rule governing height and profile of the top part of the wing, and they tried to include a raised part and claim it to be part of the support gap slots which hold the wing up, which do not have a specific dimension mentioned in the rules, rather than the wing itself. They got told they were splitting hairs, effectively.