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Torrent Motorsports WC License Auction, NO RESERVE!!!! BID NOW!

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Michael Theis, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Thats right kids since the administration is forcing us to basically sell our license or have it stolen back, and we certainly don't want to bother renting it, we are auctioning it off RIGHT NOW!!!

    Here is your chance to own a WC license...........bid starts at 25 EURO!!!!
  2. I am interested but when does the bidding close? Thanks.
  3. Will close this Friday at 6pm EST time, this thread will control it all, so stay tuned here!
  4. These claims are not true, the administration isn´t forcing you to sell and wont just steal it back, as an actual fact if you read the License Agreement the Administration doesn´t even have the Power to take the License back from you.

    It´s very sad that your personal frustration about FSR ends in such words from you. But the upside is, it is just personal against the FSR administration.
  5. Right shall I dig up the email where you stated the rules saying if we didn't field cars for 5 races in WC the administration would vote to take back the license without payment. Besides don't be so vain, we are done with FSR and are exiting anyway so just drop it.

    ANYWAY, thanks for the license bids via PM guys but please post your bid here, thats how we'll have to do it as then everyone will know the last persons bid, think ebay :) Thanks guys keep em coming!
  6. are we talking team liscense with two drivers?
  7. It is for one FSR World championship license that allows two drivers into WC. It is required to drive in WC by the team to have one.
  8. Current bid is only 90 euro gents, I'd let it go at a lean 200 euro early :)
  9. Hey gents can we bid in increments of 5 please? Thank you

    Pedro, bid of 95 ok?
  10. I would like to take the buy it now offer for 200 Please. I have already spoken to Johannes as well so that he is aware.

  11. All teams who bid for the License here, please contact me via PM, FSR has a special offer for you.