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Toca World Touring Cars

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Markano97, Dec 17, 2014.

  1. Many of you know this game and love it!So do i.I 've decided to try and make my very first mod and have all these cars from the game excluding the production cars.It will take time and i might not be able to finish it.Below there is a list of the cars from the game.The super touring mod though doesnt have some of these cars because they were never meant to be race cars so i ll use the current ones and make them look like them so on the right of the list you ll see which cars will be used instead.

    Alfa romeo 156(in the mod)
    BMW 328i E46(320i e36 will be used)
    Mercury Sable(Ford Mondeo will be used)
    Ford Mondeo(in the mod)
    Ford Taurus(Ford Mondeo will be used)
    Ford Falcon(Probably the mondeo)
    Nissan Primera(in the mod)
    Saab 9-5 Aero(Renault Laguna will be used)
    Honda Accord 99(in the mod)
    Mitsubishi Lancer(probably nissan primera)
    Fiat Marea(Alfa Romeo 155)
    Peugeot 406(in the mod)
    Holden Commodore(Vauxhall Vectra will be used)
    Mitsubishi Galant(Alfa Romeo 155 will be used)
    Vauxhall Vectra(in the mod)
    Opel Vectra(in the mod)
    Audi A4(in the mod)
    Renault Laguna(in the mod)
    Lincoln LS(BMW 320i probably)
    Lexus GS300(Honda Accord 98 probably)
    Toyota Camry(Honda Accord 98 will be used)
    Volvo S40(in the mod)
    Chrysler 300M(Chrysler Stratus will be used)

    This is the list if you could find some pictures of the liveries from the game i would really appreciate it!!!
  2. Just in terms of the Camry, I've been working on another mod for the South African series and found that if you convert the badge on the front the Peugeot 406 makes a better looking match to the Camry than the Honda Accord did.
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  3. I have started the chrysler 300M's(Chrysler Stratus) currently working on the red one.Since there are not photos of it and i see the livery from the game on my ps1 the logos will not be exactly the same.Also the numberplate will be the one i posted on the super touring ideas thread.
  4. UPDATE:The tribute mod will be cancelled as there are no photos of many of the cars,however, since i have learned more about skinning i have decided to make something a bit more creative.A while ago i started a thread about a fictional world super touring championship(not the fia world touring cup) and i,ve decided to get involved with that.Currently im working on which cars will be used in this fictional line up.The liveries will all be created by me and will be based on liveries from various cars from various super touring championships.In order to come up with these liveries ill simply draw(yes i know it sounds weird but it helps me a lot) these liveries and then make them for the game.More updates will come soon.Im going to use the old super touring 3.6 mod because it has more cars
  5. The line up will come soon.Most of the teams will be private teams but the manufacturer teams will only feature one car
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