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to all that want to try without assists

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Chris Marshall, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. Ive been playing now for a week or so without assist and whilst at the start i crashed as much as webber in a entire season ( around 47 times a season, including his shopping trolly in KMART), io can safely say i dont really notice the lunacy anymore.

    its quicker, you can correct the back end better and i tend to show boat the last lap for the crowd, you know step the rear out with arm raised glass of champers in hand, whilst opening a tin of spam with my knees.

    So to all that are to scardy cat to try, go on its great, helps that my wheel has led light for the rev counter though. anyways im off for a spam and egg sandwich and a glass of wine,,,,,,again.

    many thanks

    pic of me and the pit crew enjoying a refeshment break....

    F1_2010_game 2010-12-29 23-24-43-74.jpg
  2. Chris you are fantastic mate honestly you crack me up. Cant wait for the Spam and beans liveries. you should put that pic in screenshots thread it is fantastically funny. I see someone threw a spam at your head lol you should have Fosters on the two air tank's at the back lol and I figure that incoming spam is from the front jack man sick of being run over and laying on your nose cone tea hee lol :D
  3. lol i love photoshop when ive been drinking,

    i was serious about the no assists thing, its easier than with, your not using any right ?
  4. No I don't use them any more now and wonder how the hell I drove with them I tried last night and it was like driving miss daisy, much like your picture lol real laid back and 'hey man, what's your rush man, chill man, pass me the spam man' :D very surreal. you should try it after a week or so its weird as hell. I started laughing when I thought back about how much of a pillock I was getting frustrated when I first played and turned assists on lol
  5. I give major respect to those who use a pad/keyboard with no assists. I tried using a pad with no traction control and drove myself nuts for 3 weeks. Everything got better when I got a wheel, but I'm still not completely used to having no assists on.

    I'm a person who doesn't see a problem with using an assist if you get too frustrated playing without.
  6. Oh totally agreed Kully if you are having a bad day or a bad track and something helps then yes why not ! what is the point of beating yourself up over it ? it is a tool to be used. I am trying to wrangle a wheel :D but not until new year, and now I have got used to the pad and use it better it's not gonna be to bad a wait lol :D
  7. chris ur great mate.. david you got competition.. :D

    @kully - yeah i played the game on keyboard then a game pad without assists.. its really hard.. but i was used to playing with those devices as i didnt have a wheel until last month..
  8. sorry for the delay, my Pc decided to commit suicide last night, it might be because i was drinking again last and decided to FIND a bit of software. I wasnt thinking and click YES to the file named


    Anyway, i wanted to do a reinstall sometime and it was a good exscuse to go out and buy another ssd so i can run my op and few fav games in stripe,,,,super fasty pc file thing move from folder to floder.

    Right, i agree its no drama's to keep using the assists, and i wouldn't be able to use a keyboad or pad, im serious though the car handles better and when the back steps out, just like i do in my UTE i either power into it to smoke he tyres up and get the wife calling me a **** or a little dab of the break to bring the back into line.

    not like this

    I recon they should give the game away with wheels, you cant go wrong without one and they are cheap as chips on ebay.

    mod edit: please mind the language, we have people of all ages reading this forum.
  9. Ute racing :eek: I would never had guessed but then I would not have doubted it either :wink: I cant believe you went and click yes to that you numpty lol but good excuse it was ! Great analogy ute back end slipping out lol. I forgot how much you love them over there !