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PC Tire temps

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by The36thChamber, May 13, 2015.

  1. I'm having a hard time keeping the tires warm in thunderstorm conditions, they cool down so much on the second lap the car is uncontrollable. (gt3 Mercedes at Watkins glen) any advice or tricks?
  2. As i'm far from an expert i don't know for sure, but possibly try lowering the tyre pressure?

    That'd be the first thing i'd try anyways.
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  3. Don't know about time temps, but The Glen is by far my favorite venue! Friend me. I'll race on the Glen
  4. Friend me too!
    Steam ID: snappydee.2old4forza
  5. Sent an invite Snappy. I'm Swagg
  6. Cool, very cool. I am in the EST time zone but I am usually on a bit during the day (I work nights) and again late night (after 10pm EST). I love the GT3 cars and the Formula B. It seems like there is a lot of GT3 action but FB is tougher to come by. I'll run whatever though. Just be aware, even though I really like the Renault Clio Cup Car I am awful in the FWD cars. LOL
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  7. GT3 are my favorites ATM. I could get into some formula B. I'm on vacation, so I can race just about any time. Great to meet you Bro! Front wheel drives are way different. Just remember one thing, if the back end starts to come around, Punch It!!:confused:

  8. Wish my PC was up to scratch to run this properly, but i'm stuck on the XB1 instead with nobody to play with :(
  9. jimortality


    Sell your XB1 and use the money to upgrade your pc :)
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  10. Saw you in some races on Wednesday night. Silverstone was one of them, I believe. Good times. Ran my best lap ever there in that race. Qualifying can be a PITA, though. I had to find a sweet spot in all the traffic because I kept getting balked.
  11. I would, but there are games that i prefer on the XB1 over PC...
  12. I have yet to race Silverstone in PCars. Mainly because I suck there. It's one of those tracks I can't seem to "feel".
    Also, I thought the XB1 version could match with the PC version. Quite surprised.