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timer for open track into GTR2 ?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by dxciac, May 27, 2009.

  1. :tremble: "rFactor and Timing Gates" this method does not work for GTR2 !

    I have done many tests but without success :sinister:

    you have any suggestions ? :D please
  2. short description might help.

    are you converting them over, or are you using btbevo version?
    not had a problem, with these myself.i try gtl/evo/gtr2/rfactor. all the timings are working.
  3. HELLO :rotfl:

    I am using the btb EVO
  4. I try now thanks :)
  5. excuse my ignorance. How can I do to take times on a open track in RF?.
    Is for my Rally SS track,.
    Another question.
    How can I make the Specular images from a DDS? There was a tutorial in old forum, but its closed
  6. If you click on the 'Library' link top right of the page, there's a copy there:wink2:
  7. Thanks chub :)
  8. Thanks a lot