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Time Trial Problem

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Roger Snead, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. Hello to all.
    Three nights ago I ran Time Trial (TT) in a Caterham at Spain. Time got posted to Global LB as well as Friends leaderboard. Last night I beat the time by 2 seconds, in Spain in a Red Bull.Today only my old Cateram time is posted still on Global Leaderboards and Friends....no new best time with Red Bull on Global LB or Friends LB, which is better by the 2 seconds mentioned, BUT when I load Spain in TT, as always a window pops up titled "Ghost Cars" and Red Bull is listed as my Personal Best with the correct 2 second faster time. But it never shows up in Leaderboards.......always the three day old Cateram time. And also, while I am running on track, on the upper right of OSD under what lap I am on (L4 or whatever) my Personal Best time listed, is the "old Cateram" When I am done with the session, I hit Pause, then select "Go back to Main Menu" a window pops up titled "Time Trial". In that window.... "Previous Personal Best" is listed first and below it, my Gamertag with the best lap time of session I just ran. (slower in this case)
    Ghost Car is turned OFF in Options. Always is by my choice. What gives please? :confused: Thanks.
    BTW, Same thing is happenning to my friend, as we are competing back and forth. Please don't ask the times....:notworthy:
  2. Bump please....nobody? Is this a known bug?
  3. dunno about the cause. Perhaps the f1 2012 gameserver was shorty offline when you posted the time or so?
    The fix is easy: grab the McLaren and do an even faster time than the Red Bull one :D
  4. Yea, sometime after the Cateram time, the servers were down, (gave me notice) and I played TT anyway. (testing wheel problem) but then I went on a session after that, (next day) with the RB, it did not say they were down when I ran the RB session. (fastest time) Oh well, I will have to do like you said. lol Thanks.P.S.

    Also that does not explain why I can see the fastest RB time in Ghost Car Menu. The game posts the faster, most current RB time when I go on TT and the "Ghost Cars Menu" comes up, and it is on the screen today as my "Personal Best". while running laps on track. Obviously two different data recording systems Never mind. Thanks again.