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Wanted Thrustmaster T500RS

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Marketplace' started by Andy Jackson, Nov 12, 2014.

  1. Hi all, looking to buy a nice T500RS. Cash waiting. Preferably in the UK. And with f1 wheel addon.


  2. Dude, get the T300 instead!
  3. Why?
  4. Because it's a better wheel. Smoother and faster, not quite as strong but plenty strong still!
  5. Or get the TX if you want XBone support, those two are identical except for the console support and the rim that comes along as standard. Pedals are utter sheit on both though, so might wanna look into getting a pair of T500 pedals, Fanatecs or use your old pedals if you have some.
  6. I dont ever want xbone support. I am and always will be a PC user.

    Now seriously, why a TX or t300 over the t500rs? Is it actually better? If so can you point me to any reviews that say this?

  7. http://www.racedepartment.com/threa...heel-ferrari-458-italia-edition-review.80000/
    ^- There's a thread about the TX, you'll find a few people who have had both the T500 and now the TX in there commenting, and so far only one of them says he kind of finds the TX to be too weak, but then again he feels the T500 is too weak as well, and he still keeps using the TX because it's smoother and faster. I've had the T300 at home for almost 2 weeks, it's a great wheel, if I didn't go all in for the CSW setup I'd keep the T300 for sure.
    ISR did a review on it but dunno if they directly compared it to the T500, don't think they did, but they have stopped using their T500 in favor of the T300/TX since they got it.
    Edit: For some reason someone had the childish idea of using the profanity filter here to stop people from typing out "I nside Si m R acing" and have it be replaced with racedepartment instead....
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  8. I think the TX, T300 seem to have too many returns/faults. I really think the T500RS is the best option for nearly the same price.

    I think I have made up my mind.:thumbsup:
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  9. Frank

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    T500RS offers the better package :).
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  10. Agreed. I have done much research and for the money, it really does offer the best package.

  11. Kurt Vanhee

    Kurt Vanhee
    Premium Member

    Hi, i have a T500 base and a F1 add-on.
    Only catch is that i would like to switch to Fanatec v2 base and rims.
    Also delivery is scheduled for january:O_o:.
  12. This is why I returned my T300, while I was genuinly quite satistfied with it (it blows my GT3 out of the water for sure), I just knew that I'd still be wanting the CSW v2 in the back of my mind, so I returned the T300 and ordered the CSW, saving money now was just gonna cost me more in the long run.
  13. ISR released their review of the T300 and mentions a comparison with the T500 during;

    Might wanna watch that before you buy, if you haven't already :)
  14. Thanks Kjell. I just watched it. :thumbsup: I think the T500 just edges it for me coz its roughly the same price here in the UK.
  15. Joe Moore

    Joe Moore
    Premium Member

    The t500 for me is bullet proof have it I think a year and a half , use it every day , nothing I say nothing ever goes wrong with it , I did change the fan because I wanted it silent .
    I have also a lot of fanatec stuff , I so wish they would run as good as t500 , but I know I will buy the V2 - but will wait till the reviews from people who buy them come out , it's a love hate relationship with fanatec .

    Advice is if you get a T500 you will not be disappointed ( ps I think the F1 addon is a peace of junk unless you plan to mod it / new switches / buttons - friends have told me the buttons don't last to long - mine ok but I don't use it , just there for show :) ) and if you ever get the Oculus rift you won't care what wheel you have in front because you will think the wheel your using in the game is the one on your wheel base .

    I would think there will be a few t500 going up for sale in the next few months , hope your looked after .
  16. I would think this is highly individual, I've read people saying their brains start believing the ingame wheel is what they are holding and that it's immersion breaking when there's no arms, or the rotation doesn't match up, or that the arms doesn't do what your IRL arms are doing (as in wrong position on wheel, grabbing the shifter too early etc). I feel none of these problems, I just don't look at my ingame wheel/arms at all, I focus so much on the road ahead that it's really a non issue to me, so to my brain I am still holding my physical GT3 wheel because that's what it feels, it doesn't really see anything else either.
  17. Occulus rift my arse.............You will be having virtual masterbation next. :rolleyes:

    I'll stick with my 21:9 widescreen. Thanks anyway. t500 it is.:)
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  18. I'd sell you my T500RS if it didn't need to go to the UK. I'd go with the TX or T300. I'm keeping the TX until early next year but the T500 is going. I'm listing mine for sell this weekend.
  19. im getting the t300 rs wheel i got it on offer for 230 quid and i just hope its better than my g25.. anyway what i want know is what other pedals besides the t500 will work with the t300rs wheel?
  20. It's on another planet than the G25! Thrustmaster has a new set of pedals that are very similar to the T500, T3PA is the name.
    Other than that you can buy a set of Fanatec pedals if you're on pc as they are standalone USB pedals.