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Thrustmaster Conical brake mod

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Kinduci, Mar 20, 2015.

  1. Having seen this is in a recent video on youtube as it seems to come with the newly released standalone pedals. I'm just wondering if anyone knows of anyway to obtain one without buying a whole new set of pedals (i currently own the original T500 & pedal set)
    They are not listed on thrustmaster site as a standalone purchase.
  2. I would be curious how it feels compared to the mr basher mod (skateboard bushings). It´s a good alternative anyway :)
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  3. jfChampagne

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  4. $2 or $20 :whistling:
  5. what size would you need for the stock t300 pedals?
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  6. Yeah, I want something similar for the T300! The RS one looks pretty awesome. Can you take the threaded bolt out from the rubber cone?
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  8. I'm going to call Thrusmaster and see if can get one from them for free. Otherwise Going to look in some stores as well and if i can't find them i'll order from that site. Are you satisfied with the amount of counter pressure they give? Any chance that brakemod.com site is affiliated with Thrustmaster? :) No way I'd pay 20$ for some conical stop :)
  9. Does this work on the TX pedals also?

    Or is it a bit different?
  10. Only for T500 pedal or T3PA PRO.
  11. PicoBp

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    Actually the conical brake mod comes stock with the T3PA and T3PA PRO as well.
  12. DustKart69

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