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This is why I love the BMW e46 320i

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Bram, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Coolest touring car ever build :) Can be found in the game in the WTCC 2006 class. Much better than all those FWD cars :fwd:
  2. Nice, and you have the ADAC too ;)
  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

  4. I filmed this at Silverstone in 2004- only a couple of clips of the BMW at 3:06 and 4:17 but it sounds better than the rest of the grid put together :D
  5. Nice car, I love driving the BMW's over any FWD car any day, will have to give that mod a try when I get home tonight :)
  6. I would love it if I could have the Alfa's V6 noise in my 156.
  7. Oh man sorry guys I have to go with the E30 M3 with the S14 engine....owned and raced one for years and its just the sickest little engine.

    HEre is Artur Deutgen's little E30 M3.........Qualied in the top 10 about 6 years ago for the 24 hours race.......

    IN car of Artur just enjoying a lap...........he he he

  8. Nice vid Eric
  9. Ok, what I don't understand with the S2000 BMW's in Race series, is why I can't drive them fast and consistently? I can drive the GT's DTM's and most other RWD cars ok, but the E90 esp seems to hate me and any form of curbing! I have raced the E90 a few times quite well, but always on circuits that looking back have low rumble strips or the racing lines generally keep you clear of most of them.
  10. Good question Gunthar and one I have experienced also. I do well at Brands in the Beemer, but at a track like, Valencia, I keep having the rear step out and bite me. I have fiddled with the settings but ultimately, it seems that one needs to stay off the curbs with them.
  11. One other issue is that if you get a tap in the rear from another car, it seems to be impossible to not spin...
  12. Yes, but that appears to be true to life. I was just watching a re broadcast of the V8 touring cars at Surfers Paradise and when they get tapped on the rear, they also spin out.
  13. true...
  14. GT cars are easy to drive as they have a lot of power and grip, that allowes for a much greater room for error, you can easy power slide in them. WTCC RWD on the other hand are under powered for its weight so to go fast in corners one needs to intentionally break the traction at the moment of entry ( i do it with braking, with the rear sliding and the front pointing the inside of a corner ) and then you are able to power slide. You can still ride curbs in them but one needs to be much much more careful while doing so, steady power ( no rapid deceleration or acceleration ) and off weight as much as you can. It takes A LOT of practice and determination to be fast in them, most people just give up and go for the easy option in FWD. In the propa hands the RWD WTCC car will be unbeatable, even mild/medium contact with other competitor won't spin you out straightaway, one can just make bigger slide and easly recover, it really takes a hard shunt at the wrong moment to completely lose control. The reason most people will lose control with the slightest touch to the rear is becouse they try to drive it without sliding, when the slide happens ( like in a shunt ) they don't have the exprience and practice to control it. With those cars using the throtle and brake to steer is as much important as the steering wheel itself, or even more.

    Patience and practice guys and you will enjoy the Real Driver's Car, sooooo much more fun then the FWD's. GL.
  15. The only track I've ever been competitive and comfortable in the S2000 BMW E90 was at Puebla!!!

    Otherwise my woes are like yours Gunthar:frown:.