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Misc This is F1 (2013 Edition) 1.0

AI better, stronger, faster

  1. Advantian submitted a new resource:

    This is F1 (2013 Edition) - AI better, stronger, faster

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  2. what must i change and where to make the ai more stupid? so that the ai maybe crashes each other.What file i must edit?
  3. Hello Philipp Koch, if you want them to have more mistakes, bad luck and mechanical failures; I think you can modify the database and the files: ai_choreographer and ai_behaviour_fire.
    • Inside the database go to ai_driver. Then you can change the rows (Bad/Good day chance, control, mechanical_failures, mind_games_effectiveness, mistakes and reaction) check the profiles that are below the row "name" like: Good_Cautious, Med_Cautious, Poor_Cautious, Good_Aggressive, Med_Aggressive, Poor_Aggressive and you can tweak the drivers you want.
    • Also in the database there is 4 types of canned_events_modifiers that can trigger different options, (but I never changed these ones before, so not sure about those...).
    Also you can check if there is any realism mod, I'm almost sure it should be more than one already, and it can help you to adjust better your game as you like it.
    *You will need Ergo database editor and Ryder BXML editor.

    I hope it helps you!
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  4. thank you very much for youre nice help!
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  5. Advantian, thanks so much for taking my request and getting it out so soon! I'm eager to try it out, in fact I am about to right now. My hope is that on Legend, in say a Ferrari or Mercedes, that Redbulls will still beat me by a few tenths unless I get a lap absolutely on the limit,, and nail it 100%. As of right now, even on Legend, I am still taking pole in a Ferrari for example by 8 tenths of a second over Vettel & his redbull. Sometimes even upwards of a second. My goal is to have the top 3 teams, Redbull, Mercedes and Ferrari all within a second of each other at the extreme end of the spectrum. I'm also hoping the McLaren will be able to compete with those teams. Maybe not get podiums but at least be within a second or less of the Red Bull. Sorry if I'm explaining this poorly.

    Bottom line, I want legend to be a challenge. It's not fun taking pole with your eyes closed and then going on to win the race by 6 seconds or more in a Ferrari. I want to actually get BEAT in qualifying and dare I say have to start on the second row of the grid for once. My only hope is that with the late braking AI, that they can brake later then a human driver, thus an immediate disadvantage. My main concern is simply each teams pace, and how they should be. I'm hopping it's faster than normal legend AI by upwards of half a second at certain tracks...instead of me taking pole by over a second in some scenarios. Will post back with my thoughts.
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