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The inner working of tyre simulation.

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by maji11, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. I'm currently playing F1 2010 on the PS3. I thought as an introduction to the game, I would turn all the simulations and damages off and turn the driver aids on, just to get a feel for the game. It appears that I originally overestimated these settings as I soon began to take 4 seconds a lap out of the second fastest car in races and 3 seconds during qualifying after turning off the braking assist.

    My racing simulation skills are by no means honed, however, I am able to brake well and follow the racing line quite well in my own opinion. This leads to my predicament; I currently am at Ferrari, with a good car and a good understanding of what setup to run at each race, but, when I turn tyre simulation off, I lose around 7 to 8 seconds each lap, including the flying lap.

    I was interested in the opinions of the people who frequent this forum as they seem to know a great deal about the game. I always have optimum tyre temperature, however, simply setting the tyre simulation to "On" means that even in the first corners at Catalunya, the car simply doesn't have the grip to hit a single apex, especially at turn 3.

    Could anyone shed any light onto this? Whether it is slightly buggy or whether it is just my lack of practice with game. The tyre simulation is getting to be quite infuriating.

    Thank you.
  2. James Chant

    James Chant

    I am also useless at the game with tyre sim on at the moment. But, as part of my strategy, once I have learned manual gears, tyre sim off is next, but once i have joined a lower team after winning my 3rd title (360 achievement) the team objectives will be lesser so with tyre sim off I can probably keep the team happy enough until I can keep up the pace.

    Unfortunately, I dont know how tyre sim works so I cant answer your question
  3. IMO i think the tyre sim makes the grip on the car more realistic i honestly couldnt tell you how it does so but it does seem alot easier with it off but i dont really know what it does or how it does it so sorry i cant answer your question either
  4. I only compete with Tyre Sim On. Its the only way for me as I like to see the tyres blistering and wearing. Its adds real imersion for me.
  5. I don't understand how you can play a F1 simulation game without tyre ou fuel simulation ?? Even if there are some problem with this...
  6. James Chant

    James Chant

    Because this is the first game like it I have owned on the 360, and seeing as I played GRID alot before this, it takes a while to transfer my mindset to a completely different style if driving, so as I said before I'm increasing the difficulty as I go along. Mainly so it lengthens the gameplay a bit.
  7. tyre sim doesnt affect tyre wear thats is governed by the damage setting if you turn damage to full your tyres wear away if you turn it off they dont i have been looking into this subject abit and from what i have learned tyre sim allows the car to have less grip at the start of a race as the tyres run cold.

    But as the race goes on about 3 4 or 5 laps in the tyres start to heat up improving your grip on the track and when tyre sim is off it is like start on optimum tyre temperature and therefore the grip is better thats what i have got so far from searching around abit
  8. I like tyre wear. It doesn't surprise me that with tyre sim on temperature is more complicated than just green / blue / red for normal / cold / hot, as tyre grip / wear is more complicated. With one of the tyre wear mods (Dalhil's) you see banding and graining start to appear quite early while the tyre is still green is the OSD, its gets worse then yellow, then orange and red (pretty undriveable at orange - red for me).

    If you sit on the track and wheel spin, you overheat your tyres and get blistering. You can see the blister texture is different to the standard tyre wear texture (someone said you never see it, but I tested it and it's there) with a massive heat blister down the center of the tyre. This will take new tyres to yellow wear state and no further (in my test anyway). So they are still ok, just not optimal grip.
  9. Tyre sim does affect the tyre wear, i know as i drove a whole season with damage off and with tyre sim on/off depending on the race. Turning the tyre sim off gives you perfect tyre conditions and grip at all times, turn it on and you will need to heat your tyres and keep them there, they will peak and then they will gradually get worse. Also in general they will have less grip, to be honest its just something that you have to learn to adjust to, in my second season driving for force india i went for the full difficulty with tyre and fuel sim on and had been doing perfectly fine, only catalunya caused issues with the faster AI.

    Practice with it on, learn to drive the car and you will be fine.
  10. yeah what he said .......... wait i said that too lol :)
  11. does the ai have tyre sim on when i turn it on in the options?

    i know that the ai doesnt have fuel sim on.

    sry for my english^^
  12. i dont actually know but it might be interesting to look into ill check around the web and let you know
  13. if they didnt wouldnt that have been fixed in the patch?
  14. if you race to a strategy then tyre sim is a must - otherwise your pretty much playing time trial