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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Official Trailer 2

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Scott Webber, Sep 19, 2012.

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  2. i watched the LOTR trilogy about more times than I've watched F1...

    so yeah looking forward to it.
  3. Can´t wait for this one!!!

    Watched the trilogy a ridiculous amount of times.
    And about the only trilogy where the movies get better.

    The Hobbit is only part 1 as well :)
  4. Agreed, i have watched LOTHR around 5-6 times now :)

    BTW..... WHOS READY? November 7th :D

  5. I get goose bumps from the dwarf-song, it´s brilliant!

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  6. Not long to go now guys, who going to the Cinema to watch this MASTERPIECE? to be honest, that's the only place this movie deserves to be watched at.


  8. I´m gonna watch this one at my local movie theater but in VIP and High Frame Rate :)
    Going to be awesome!

    VIP costs about the double but there´s less seats, more comfy seats you can set how you want, you can bring in food, drinks and popcorn and drinks are free so it´s a nice experience and definitely worth it for movies like this one.
  9. WHAT THE? where do you live? im coming there to watch this in VIP, we don't have such a option here in the UK :(

    i purposly watch Movies on the last day so there's no1 around, i cannot stand people in the cinema with me ruining my experience :( , the coughing, moving, getting up, speaking.

    Hampus Andersson have you watched it yet? let me know how it is , i just brought a massive Canvas to put up on my wall of this Movie, all the character's in 3D effect.
  10. Nope sorry haven´t watched it yet, will watch with a girlfriend of mine in January when the hysteria have settled a little bit.
    Right now if you want to see the movie it´s 11 am on the day.
    Not very romantic to watch a movie at 11am lol.

    as far as VIP goes, yea close to my house we have a VIP saloon, twice as expensive but you can bring food and drinks and popcorn/coca cola is free,
    cost twice as much but it´s worth it.

    Edit: Sweden is where i live.
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  11. Well, I just watched it.

    2 and a half hours of awesome! I thought it might get a bit tedious, but the pacing is really good.

    And I have to say Martin Freeman really nailed how to act like a hobbit. Specially at the beginning. The dwarves are also great. I only wish I had watched it with the original voices, but I'll do that with the Blu-Ray.
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  12. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff Member

    Man... Watched it tonight. My first reaction to those stupid critics is a *)?***(=**%***+&!!!

    Seriously i don't remember watching such a fantastic/epic/funny/hilarious/exciting/ adventure movie. There is nothing boring, you never say "oh this scene is too long". There are many scenes, yet they all fit in. Returning characters are epic too! I may even go to cinema again just to watch it and get more goosebumps.

    Don't ever listen to those strange reviews on the movie. This is not worse than LOTR if not better :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
    3-D is also great, but i watched it with normal frame rates. I wish i could try the more frame-rated one too... :(

    Now, let's find that Dwarven Theme on Youtube....
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  13. Saw it today, had read what the critics said about HFR and 3D and sure, in the beginning you got that "best of our lives, Glamour" type of look to it but that changed after 10 minutes of watching.

    I honestly could not notice the high frame rate much at all, the critics are a bunch of monkeys really.
    Was a bit boring in some parts but made it up in the action scenes.
    It´s exactly like the first movie of the Trilogy, just laying the foundation for what´s to come.
    Can´t wait for 2nd and third movie!

    VIP was great, 2 beers before the movie and how much popcorn and coke you could fit in your belly :)
    And the seats, omg they were amazing.

    Can tilt them however you like, more leg room then you need and a good 50cm of space between chairs!
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  14. DUDE!!! you should here stopped there :( , but i had to read the rest of what your wrote...

    Man what at Tease! , im debating whether to go watch this again or go watch Jack Reacher next, guys i learnt a lesson years ago, don't ever read the news or movie reviews LOL, all of them are a pile of........ and really you know best as to what you like :)
  15. I´d watch Life of Pi if you want to see the most visually stunning looking film ever, it´s just sublime.

    CGI is unreal too :)

    Edit: ehh.....techincally it is but you get the idea ;)