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The History of FSR

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Andrew Ford, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    Love FSR. Great production and professionalism.
    Just wondering, is there a video showing the history of FSR?
    I find it interesting e.g. what platform was used in 2001 when Christian Neumann won in Canada for example?
    Who used to dominate before Bono Huis etc?

    Maybe I'm the only one interest but any info/reference would be great. thanks!

    p.s. No idea why the colours have gone like this lol
  2. There used to be an FSR wiki article but evil wiki admins took it off. League history can be read here. List of all WC winners should be somewhere too, but can't find it now...
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  3. Actualy FSR exist longer, it was officialy founded in 01, but before a group of simmers where already using GP3 GP4 i think or gpl im not to sure about those years i dont know it exact but im sure Enersto de Angelis know the exact details as he was already there to from the start if im right.
    FSR goes back to 98 99 already.;)

    I got first to know about FSR in 03 and made my debute in 04 with 3 races, back then we where using F12000 and F12002 in 02.03 and F12k2 for 04 and halfway season we swithced to F1C if i remember correctly, and later a full season F1C for 05 with the Ralph Hummerich mods, and in 2006 we started to use rF im i right. Some of the key members back then where Rogerio Baroso from Virtual Games, Guilliano Hernandez, Kurt Baumann and im sure im missing a few more names.

    In those early days so anything pre 2006 the preserving of information was way less then what it is nowadays with GPCOS and the Broadcasts and news articles etc. So its hard to find some information on how it was in the early days, you realy got to get in contact with some of the members that have been there in those years.
  4. Actually it's not exactly like that.
    FSR was actually born in 2001 and it was called GP3GL at that time. It was created by an idea of Kurt Baumann who managed to find eleven teams able to buy a lifetime license, becoming full power members of the club which is called Internal Simracing Club.
    So basically FSR is the name of the league (like F1) while the club name formed by all team owners is International Simracing Club (like FIA, in a way).

    That just to make it more clear about the genesis.... as for the rest, the only really important thing is that I won world championship in 2002. :D hhehe j/k
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  5. What??? :roflmao:
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  6. lol bastard, it was clearly a typo :D
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  7. Cant believe that i was wrong in that, i realy thought that the teams came from a league that was using gpl or gp3 before 01, but that was just used in the first year. I think it would be cool to try and trace back some of the old members, im sure they will be obvlioused if they here that FSR is still around.:)
  8. My first year in 2001 was with GP3 all offline of course. With Eny i'm a dinosaur too from that era....then JES and Mark.....forgot some other dinosaur??? :D