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The Free Car/Track combo dance-off

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Bryan O'Connor, Sep 12, 2014.

  1. Bryan O'Connor

    Bryan O'Connor

    Let me tell you a story....

    It was something i tried to avoid... But i had to have a go.
    So i selected the RaceRoom Raceway track and Silhouette server. And gulped....

    Waiting for the start lights hoping i can judge the right amount of throttle to get a clean get away. I grip my wheel as the 5 red lights fade...

    You will never see a finer sight than 20+ cars pirouetting randomly for 15 minutes.
    Avoiding them is in itself a challenge and brings an enormous sense of relief - and changes of underwear.
    Set to some beautiful music by the likes of VengaBoys, 2 Unlimited or Eiffel 65 would leave even the hardest of faces cracked with laughter.

    Try it for yourselves. You know you want to.
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  2. PaulH


    I have to agree :laugh:, but in general the races have been pretty good and intense, you will always get the first corner "yahoos" coming through, but thats public servers, I hope in the future private servers will be available to organise races :thumbsup: