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The AI cornering

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by J van E, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. No matter what racing game it is, I always take corners (a lot) quicker then the AI. And F1 2011 is no exception... Why is that? If the track I race on has lots of slow corners, I KNOW I will win, even if other cars outrun me on straights... The problem is that 1. it never feels real due to this and 2. I often drive into AI that brakes much too soon and much too hard for corners... The AI also isn;t very clever when it comes to overtaking... I did a race on Brazil yesterday and I stayed 2nd because I wanted some 'competition' in front of me. At the end of the race the number 1 and me started to lap others: I noticed it took the nr. 1 AI ages before he decided to overtake the VERY slow opponent... I decided to wait until the last corner where I just NEW nr.1 would hesitate again, and I overtook him and the one we lapped easily and even finished seconds ahead...!

    Is there a mod already that makes the AI corner like a real person would...?

    In case you wonder why I don't drive online then: because I have bad experiences online (long waiting times, lot of searching, idiots who screw things up... no, thank you).
  2. Well, the main reason is that it's Artificial Intelligence not real intelligence. Everybody brakes for corners at different points and even then it will vary from lap to lap depending on your fuel load, tyre wear, position, speed off the preceding straight and bravery (not to mention mistakes). I am no programmer but I would wager that it would take an awful lot of work to factor those into an Ai and then have it feel perfect from every driver's point of view.

    Game developers also need to find an efficient way of scaling the difficulty so that they can increase their audience/market share and therefore sales: they do need to make a profit. Also, if the Ai were made to brake at the exact limit for every corner there would be no way to beat them.

    However, I make these comments from a standpoint of games in general. Codemaster's have improved the games Ai from 2010 but I would agree with you and say that it is not enough. Some of the issues with slow overtaking can be fixed by making the Ai more aggressive (both Ai in general and each driver).

    Braking points can be fixed but as soon as any changes are made then a really nasty bug makes the Ai's about 2 seconds faster when not in view of the player (aka Ai out of sight bug). Currently there is no fix for this though and CM have said there won't be a patch#3 so it looks like we are stuck (for now).

    I am OK with the Ai now that I use a mod to increase aggression and mistakes, though there is much work to do. It was a lot easier to fix the 2010 Ai but there were limitations to it as well (just not game breaking ones).
  3. Editing the braking points is no problem. It's easy to make the AI really and I mean really really fast. I did it and it's a stunning new game. It's fantastic if you have to push every single round and get every braking point right to stay with the AI. F1 2011 could be such a great game.

    The big problem is, like mentioned, this f**** out of sight bug. It destroys the hole game. There is no chance to fix it.
  4. Is that a mod I can download somewhere...?
  5. I am using Falcon444's AI mod v1.3 but I am just using the files in the ai folder so really it just increases agression, mistakes and DNF's. The rest of his files cause/increase the effect of the Ai out of sight bug so I don't use them. Unfortunately he left this forum, but you can still get his mod at http://newsgates.org which is his own forum and you will have to register. I don't like the direction his mod is going in so I don't pay much attention (plus he is French and google translate is hard to understand sometimes).

    Personally, I'm waiting for kristiannn's AI mod since he is focused on a fix for the ai out of sight bug. The F1 2011 exciter mod by AtTiLa33 also looks good but is also unavailable since MegaUpload went down.