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Thank you Reizza Studios (GSC)

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Marc Reid, May 3, 2013.

  1. Marc Reid

    Marc Reid

    Hi, just like to introduce myself and say hello to all.

    Firstly a big thanks to Reiza Studios for this sim, i went and bought a wheel (G27)
    just for this. GSC reminds me back in the day Papy Indycar Series (the 1st one, not
    the Win95). Man those were some of my best sim racing days, the detail in setups, i
    spent days with, great fun. After that kind of got out PC gaming due to RL activities,
    but now am back and WOW this sim has got me back glued to my monitor. Love the offline
    racing. Will also most probably get into online (where the competition starts), but
    firstly have to get to know the tracks and cars.

    Quick tip for Mini AI pitting on Race Day. What Ive find is if u raise the fuel multiplier,
    lets say by 2x for example, at the Brasilla Full course, Ive found that when i race with
    the mini, they come in at lap 25, so if u want a one stop race 30 or 40 laps or if two
    stops, race 55 laps, as your tank is only 19laps full. Ive only tested this track so far, but
    will report back on others in future.

    Just one quick question, someone here mentioned a program called championship manager to
    create custom championships for offline use, but i cant find the link anywhere.
    Is it possible to do this in the game itself?

    Thanks for reading and sorry about long post.
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  2. Marc Reid

    Marc Reid

    Thankyou Keith, u made my day ;)

    Few other questions.
    Ive never played on the gmotor engine, which i presume GSC uses, so a lot of stuff is new to me, but im learning fast. While im riding around the track every now and then i hear this beep, is that indicating to me that that ive lapped the sector quicker ? and can anyone tell me what is the optimal temps for the mini cup tyres please.

  3. I must admit I have not noticed the beep, and I drive the minis and F.Classics.
    Not sure about the temps either, I believe around 90c if I remember correctly, but maybe someone else can confirm.
  4. Been a fan from the moment I knew who were the people behind Reiza. When it came out (GSC), it totally blasted away the old myth "harder is realistic".

    Great sim, immense dedication of these guys. :thumbsup:
  5. Marc Reid

    Marc Reid

    I think i might be hearing stuff :unsure:, or could just be the tyres, it normally happens when i make perfect corners, specifically at Brasilla Stock course.
    Tyre wise, yea i have the fronts mostly at 90, but the rears never over 70 and thats after 10laps hard driving, could be cuase the other settings are locked and we only have pressure to play with ?

    Chronus - Yea since ive got this sim, my concentration levels have never been this high with a pc game :thumbsup:, also its tons of fun at the same time.