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Textures not importing

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by jordangp, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. I've got a few custom skins, to try and create my own team. I have successfully imported paddock textures for my team, however when I import my car textures they do not show up in the game. I am using the F1 2010 Textures Editor, and when i open up the .pssg file again my custom skin is there but it wont show up in game. I hav done both a high texture and low texture main livery, but it still shows the original skin in all game modes.

    Can anyone help?
  2. Did you select the main file of the skin you wanted to replace before you imported it ? I imported a skin once straight to the cars high folder and had the same problem. I had to open the original skin first select main then open my skin then import over main orig skin. That should do it.
  3. i dont quite get it, ive got my custom skin saved in livery_main/textures_high and in livery_main/textures low
  4. Ah i reckon you are using Ryder's importer I think to import your skin has to be .dds. I use this editor EDITOR LINK I find this one easier for me to use.

    And a link for the tutorial how to use it it is in German but easy enough to follow.
  5. david is the man for this..
  6. eyash i am using the Textures Importer from Modding Way already, and I am doing everything it says on the tutorial, with the garages and the paddock and stuff it all works fine, but my car skin isnt there in game. I click import and Tecture Import Ok, but then in game its not there. I don't see what else I can do to get it in the game?
  7. Wow that is a difficult one, but it sounds like your texture is not importing, do you get the message after it has done saying imported successfully ?
  8. yeah I do, it sys "textures imported!" everything was working before but now no type of skin is importing into the game. I uninstalled the editor and downloaded it again, but it still won't work :/
  9. ive posted a simular question on the modding questions, any help as i cannot even convert the dds into bloody pssg.
  10. hmmmm i followed the german vid again and i still dont understand how to changed the imported file. i can load the skin and see it in the editor. but what now, ive tried changing the file to a pssg and i can place in the car directory but all i get is a black car.

    again what do i have to do with both low and high files.

    F1_2010_game 2010-12-27 00-53-06-42.jpg
  11. ok dont how i did it but i did............... ill start smarting it up

    playboy 22.jpg

  12. Aha you sorted it, figured out the open the original then import over it bit then ? Sorry for not replying Chris I have only just got back on today ! I'm so glad you sorted it and a nice skin too. I am just starting a new one inspired by a film, I decided to make fantasy skins for a while to experiment with skinning techniques.

    Well done on the skin Chris.
  13. no i didnt i was really drunk and i dont know how it did it,, see my thread in the forum im still lost.....must drink more vodka !!!
  14. ROFLMAO well you know the answer then Chris get steaming drunk after you make the skin, no in fact make the skin while drunk and import it (I gotta see that) its a good excuse to get drunk also. I posted in your other thread by the way !
    Remember open the importer/exporter tool. Then go to the file you want to replace and open it, choose the main.tga and it will display the original car skin, then click load and go to your skin select it to open it. Now when it is loaded up just click Import and that is it (important after you load your skin do not click any of the .tga files in the navigation window), after a short pause you should get texture imported message. then select the main.tga and you should see your skin
  15. I have done all of this, but then it does not come up in game still :/
  16. CHRIS ...... YOUR WANTED !!!! (sorry for shouting :D)