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Texture flickrs and artifacts, how to refresh shaders

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by dsuspense, Aug 29, 2014.

  1. I am getting some texture flickrs and artifacts after a few laps of racing.
    Looks like grey triangles across the track and they flicker intermittently as I race.
    Is this a memory thing, or something related to shaders?
    How do I delete the shaders so they are generated again by GSCE on next startup (like in rF2)?
    Do I just delete the coreshaders.mas file in GameData\Shared ?

    Could this be a VRAM issue? I have two Geforce GT 650M cards with 2MB VRAM each.
    I see this when running in single card mode, will have to try SLI, but I am not sure if it is memory related or texture related.
    My config.ini has these settings:

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  2. I would suspect of:
    a) video card memory
    b) try to start the game with the "-fullproc" parameter, i.e., create a shortcut to your game with this: "c:\gsc2013\gsc.exe -fullproc"

    The b) is worth a try if you happen to be overclocked. Shadows are done by the CPU, so sometimes overclocked CPUs can cause this - as does mine. Alt tab out of the game and return seems to cure the problem sometimes, at least for that session. The -fullproc will make you loss some FPS, but this shouldn't be a problem with your hardware.
  3. Thanks for the info.
    I was hoping not to have to do all that crap again like I did with rF1.
    I think Reiza did an awesome job with this game.
    I see another thread about 2GB - 4GB support, so I wonder if it also has to do with that.
    Will give some of these things a try and see.
  4. This video has an example of what I am talking about (at minute 1:19):
  5. try this in track's scn file..

    clip planes for main view as follows:

    ClipPlanes=(0.50, 10000000.00)
  6. @dsuspense I noticed this same problem. Buenos Aires Layout 6 with V8, in other tracks no such problem.
  7. PieterN


    The flickering of the boards in the video is caused by badly placed textures. Not related to video-drivers or something like that